Name: Will Bergmann Alias: Will the Farmer, #WTF Location: Winnipeg, ManitobaBuzzing Connection:Will has not only become a close friend to the agency team but is also a strong advocate for Manitoba Canola Growers and our client, Canola Eat Well. Twitter | Instagram   Name 5 interesting facts about yourself. I love surfing...

From behind-the-scenes kitchen coverage with top chefs to mise-en-place inspiration and so much more, we know people eat and enjoy foodservice products and dishes with their eyes before their mouths, making proper food photography an absolute asset in the industry.

172 restaurants. 10 flavour options. 7 days. 7 prize packs. - 1 trip to Mexico - In celebration of Cinco de Mayo and the roots of all things Jarritos, the #JarritosToMexico giveaway program was created in collaboration with JL International Distribution and foodservice retailers across Canada. Between...

Celebrating the first series of Flavour Dinners in Toronto, Cacao Barry® hosted the #UnboxCreativity Event and invited the Chefs who had opened their restaurant to gather together and share their unique pairings!
From working closely with hundreds of chefs and restaurants across North America over the past 6 years, there’s no doubt that we pick up a thing or two when it comes to trends in the food industry.
2017 was an incredible year of growth for Branding & Buzzing, from expanding our team and client base to launching so many fantastic programs and campaigns.
The decorations are out of storage and holiday season is in full swing! Time to start party planning.  In need of a space to host your office, friends or family? We know venues can full up quickly, so here's a friendly reminder to book ASAP!
TORONTO (October 20, 2017) - Scotland will start exporting haggis to Canada for the first time in almost 50 years after Macsween of Edinburgh has developed a new recipe that meets Canadian regulations. This follows the lifting of the Canadian ban on red meat imports from Europe in 2015.
B.Good’s aim is to provide food with roots with a focus on sourcing local and sustainable ingredients. With the launch of their fifth Canadian location at Yonge-Eglinton, we gathered top influencers and media in the health, wellness, food and lifestyle space to join in on the celebration.
Daura Damm is the gluten-removed beer that beer lovers have been yearning for with less than 3 ppm of gluten. Recognized world-wide with prestigious and renowned awards for being best in class, Daura made its debut into the Toronto market with good taste.
Eleven North American pastry chefs were whisked away this summer to one of the most unique and respected cocoa plantations in Dominican Republic; Hacienda La Esmeralda.
TORONTO (June 19, 2017) – At last, enthusiasts of authentic Spanish wines will be able to taste from the exclusive collection of Mercat Del Carmen’s co-owner and in-house wine enthusiast, Veronica Laudes.
TORONTO (July 11th, 2017) - Join our team as we celebrate Germany’s most famous wine varietal here in Canada with an extra special perk found outside the bottle.
Hockey, Drake, Igloos, "Oot," "Eh" (sigh) and all of the Timbits; these are just some of the things people bring up when asked what they're reminded of when they think of Canada. However, none are more mentioned than our amazing, maple leaf-adorned Canadian flag.