Introduction: In 2019, Jones Soda embarked on a remarkable journey to celebrate Pride across Canada with a limited edition Cream Soda featuring their classic label infused with vibrant Pride colors. Partnering with Egale Canada, this campaign aimed not only to spread awareness but also to...

Montreal to Winnipeg, Edmonton to Victoria and beyond, there's no stopping our team when it comes to uncovering new flavours, hot dishes, cool chefs and all the must-see food destinations Canada has to offer with our friends at Club House for Chefs!
Over 3 days, in 35*C weather, Jarritos Canada quenched the thirst of thousands as they ate their way through the best tacos in the city at Taste Toronto’s Taco Fest.
With Hot Thai Kitchen Host Chef Pailin Chongchitnant behind the mic, and the line, local media guests were gathered at the Thai Trade Centre for an interactive culinary adventure, made with Thai Kitchen.