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We’re food people with a passion for marketing.

We understand the business and how it works. It’s why top names in the industry want to work with us.

They know we bring the goods.

Telling stories about food since 2011


We started Branding & Buzzing with a belief that social media would change eating, cooking and dining out. We were right. Today, when North America’s best food and bev brands want to own a moment, spread the word or launch a product, they knock on our door. These days, we greet them with a smile and a Jarritos.


Our strength has always been our reach. We worked in the food space for years, and our peers at the time are now the country’s top chefs, mixologists and restauranteurs. We use our clients’ products to make their menus better. They use their menus to showcase our clients’ products, and we all eat very well.


Our clients are some of the most well-known names in food and foodservice. You’ve heard of them because that’s our job. And we do it well. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.



When Sean’s not eating his way through the city, he’s building social & digital strategies for clients and guiding the team towards a flawless execution. You can usually find him on Twitter going on about the Toronto Blue Jays.

Sean is a sought-after speaker at Restaurants Canada Show, Canadian Chef Federation Conference, NSF International, Innovation Guelph Conference and Canadian Association of Exposition Management. He’s also a regular contributor to Canadian Restaurant News as a social marketing columnist.

He lives by the agency’s credo: “Make Friends.”

SEAN Beckingham


Over the past two decades, Marian has become one of the most well-known women in the food and beverage business. She’s been featured on Fox TV, Food Network Canada, CTV and CBC Radio.

Marian’s been a chef, owned a cooking school, managed luxury culinary brands and up-and-coming culinary talent, edited the Food section of a major Canadian magazine and founded the Windsor chapter of Slow Food. She’s never met a challenge she didn’t meet or a charcuterie plate she didn’t like.

Marian Staresinic


Aimee has a natural flare for socializing and creativity having come from a performing arts background, which included 5+ years of acting and producing in New York City. She moved to Toronto in 2009 and dug right into copywriting and the social media influencer space. Her knack for writing, sharp style and love of food caught the B&B eye and she started working on programs with us over 5 years ago.

Today, Aimee is the Account Director and heads up events, marketing programs, and national campaigns for Jarritos Canada, Canola Eat Well, Cacao Barry, Callebaut Chocolate, Scotland Food & Drink, and Bonne Maman.

Aimee Cook


Shanley brings her drive and flair along with her public relations, event management and digital media expertise to the Branding and Buzzing team. With national influencer programs, social media campaigns and notable events under her belt, Shanley has the know-how to take a brands presence to the next level – online and offline.

Today, Shanley creates buzz-worthy digital strategies and programs for food and beverage and lifestyle clients – Club House (Canada), McCormick (US) and Conestoga Farms – that get people talking and actively play on their #FOMO.

Shanley Gibb


Nathalie has years of experience working in PR/Social Media with a range of clients with everything from beverage alcohol, consumer goods, finance, and lifestyle brands.

Nathalie is the Account Manager at Branding & Buzzing and creates content for brands such as La Rocca Cakes, Event Rental Group, Chair-man Mills and Toronto Soup Festival. She also works on a number of other accounts from an events management and media buying perspective.

Nathalie Khouri


Casey has an unconventional yet diverse background of experience from her time on tour and in the Limestone City of Kingston, Ontario. Originally a nursing school drop-out turned business sales and marketing graduate with a post-grad in public relations, Casey has dabbled in a wide range of roles and learning opportunities including, but not limited to, motorcycle marketing and events with Harley-Davidson, sports entertainment with the Ontario Hockey League plus photography, publicity and merching for artists, venues and music festivals across the province.

Here at Branding & Buzzing HQ, Casey gets brand content buzzing roster-wide as our main Copywriter.

Casey Telford


Jenna’s strong love for everything “happening” helped bring her where she is today. She loves seeking out new and fun places on Instagram and going to check them out. What she is learning in school with her public relations and event coordinating classes is what helps her in the Branding & Buzzing office. Taking Professional Communications at Ryerson is the hands on education she loves. She is finding herself with the help of the office team and is currently discovering a love for set & prop design.

Jenna Labiak