Social Media Manager Position Accountabilities Lead and manage Client account social media platforms that includes Organic and Paid, Influencer Marketing and Content Creation. The Social Media Manager will collaborate with Marketing Coordinator, Content Manager Copywriter and/or Graphic Designer for the successful execution of Client deliverables. Community Management...

There are lots of advertising options out there, even on a single platform; but are they an experience for those looking at it? Enter Facebook's Instant Experience, a dynamic creative advertisement add-on seen at the tap of a mouse or mobile finger.
While its videos may be short, introducing and involving your brand in the world of TikTok has the potential to see long-term benefits, especially brand awareness, exposure and sharing of promotional and/or evergreen content.
As seasoned marketers, Sean Beckingham and Marian Staresinic know the power of collaboration. So, when two of their foodservice clients approached them about helping Canada’s struggling restaurant industry during COVID-19, the duo immediately got on board.