Case Study :: Influencer Marketing Campaign

Case Study :: Influencer Marketing Campaign

Objective: Generating Excitement through a Community of Food Enthusiasts

Harnessing the power of a community of culinary, our aim was to cultivate an online buzz. Within this network, innovative content creators and skilled recipe artisans propelled Le Grec to new heights through the captivating platforms of reels and TikTok. Delve into the following account to explore the outcomes of this endeavor.


  • Drive conversions by showcasing products and exciting recipes. Creators should develop creative uses of the product and not typical recipes.
  • Gain awareness in the Vancouver Market
  • Build a community of influencers
  • Create relevant content for Le Grec’s and the influencers’ audiences
  • Develop content to upcycle and reuse on Le Grec platforms




  • A total of seven Influencers throughout Canada were selected
  • KOLs selected by influence in the food and lifestyle niche
  • Content focused on brand awareness, educate to domestic audience and inspire their audiences to create meals using Le Grec Dressing



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Strong Visibility: The campaign reached a massive number of users, with over 116,395 combined reel/story views. This shows that the content was highly engaging and catered to IG’s algorithm where competition for eyeballs is fierce.


Rich Engagement: The campaign generated 2,772 comments, a clear indication of a successful content approach. This sort of two-way engagement is golden in today’s digital landscape, offering a genuine connection between brands and their followers


High Engagement Rate: With an engagement rate of 22%, Le Grec’s campaign outperformed many industry standards. Engagement rate, as a metric, is often a more reliable indicator of campaign success than mere follower increase. Why? Because it signifies genuine interest, interaction, and investment from followers. While follower count gives a sense of brand reach, engagement reflects how effectively a brand resonates with its audience. A highly engaged audience is more likely to be loyal, share content, and ultimately, convert to customers.


Diverse & Rich Content: The collaboration with seven unique influencers brought in a fresh perspective and creativity. This culminated in seven novel recipes, complete with eye-catching images and interactive videos. This not only adds value for the current audience but can be repurposed for future campaigns, offering versatility and maximizing ROI


Influencer Deliverables

Include the use of at least 1 product in their content:

  • (1) Recipe
  • (1) REEL video
  • (1) Instagram story
  • (1) Static Image final recipe beauty shot with PRIMARY PRODUCT in full focus *OPTIONAL TO POST
  • Follow the official Instagram & Facebook pages @
  • Tag the brand in every post and use the campaign hashtag #LeGrec

Our content garnered 108,799 views, in stark contrast to the recent content’s 1,404 views. On average, our content creator videos drew 15,543 views, vastly outperforming the recent content’s average of 315.