It’s a rare opportunity when our clients are able to come together and enhance each other’s brands through one deliciously co-ordinated event.
Toronto is our city and we love its multicultural atmosphere. One of our favourite aspects is of course the local festival scene.
It may have been a rainy day in September, but foodies alike braved the wet weather and came out to celebrate the 2nd annual AwesTRUCK awards ceremony at the historical Fort York Garrison Common.
In Internet culture a lurker is typically a member of an online community who observes, but does not actively participate.
Being like-minded and bonded by synergies are the two elements needed to complete the perfect brand partnership.
During the last week of June we invited 4 Social Media savvy foodies who love to cook to join 4 of Toronto's notable chefs in their restaurant kitchens to create Yorkshire Valley Farms' organic chicken-inspired dishes.
Fiddling for the event #hashtag or handle when settling in can be tiresome.
Influencer, meet your food.
Images repeatedly attract the most amount of engagement on any Social Media platform, especially Instagram.
A Branding & Buzzing Social Media Lounge is a destination for invited Traditional and New Media where they can engage with their audiences, conduct interviews and to have exclusive access to the Social Media Lounge’s sponsoring brands and partners.
A Tweet Pin is no ordinary button. It may only be half an inch but it carries large messaging.
A Social Media Toolbox is a kit, not unlike what a contractor or chef would need to build a house or create a recipe.