A Branding & Buzzing Social Media Lounge is a destination for invited Traditional and New Media where they can engage with their audiences, conduct interviews and to have exclusive access to the Social Media Lounge’s sponsoring brands and partners.
A Tweet Pin is no ordinary button. It may only be half an inch but it carries large messaging.
A Social Media Toolbox is a kit, not unlike what a contractor or chef would need to build a house or create a recipe.
On Monday, May 27th, 2013, Branding & Buzzing gathered 6 Media Influencers for an evening of VIP access and a behind the scenes look at the second location of one of Toronto’s hottest restaurants, Matt Dean Pettit’s Rock Lobster, 538 Queen Street West location.
How do you make a social media product launch campaign for a local organic farm come to life?

There are many ways to get your follower numbers up on Twitter. The best way is keeping a consistent online voice.  Everyone knows that you if follow and engage people, and have fun they will typically follow you back.   Keep in mind that this is...