No Ifs, Ands or Bots – How Instagram is Un-Screwing Fake Social Influencing

No Ifs, Ands or Bots – How Instagram is Un-Screwing Fake Social Influencing

Like clockwork, Instagram is changing – again! This time, they’re pulling out all the stops, or all the screws, to rid the network of its over-stepping, over-commenting bot problem.


If you’re a bot lover (we won’t tell), prepare for a social strategy self-destruct starting NOW. Here’s why.

No Automatic Followings/Un-Followings

With the API deprecation originally scheduled for Summer 2018, services are now no longer able to offer app or automated methods of Instagram relationships through mass following, or un-following. If a user wishes to continue habitual (un)following, they’ll have to do it manually by thumb, and keep track of the who and when themselves.

But that’s not all…


No More Automated Comments

Ever gone to an Instagram post and seen a ton of comments that seem really short, copy and paste, or have no relation to the topic whatsoever?


Due to further deprecation, bot-run services will no longer have permissions to post, or delete, comments on behalf of a user. Unless the user decides to spam by hand, (please no), we will be seeing less sole emojis, or heavily repeated 1-2 word basic statements (ex. love this! check out my profile! great work!) in the near future.

No List Hijacking

Many users put a lot of work and thought into to gaining relatable followers and choosing their own followings, whether it’s keeping to close friends and family or those of common niches.


Thankfully, the next deprecation is the inability for API users to access and read following and followed-by lists, adding a greater shield against the already being dismissed mass followings, un-followings and comment spam.

But it won’t end there..

Come December, automated liking will fall to the same API axe, disallowing high like purchasing for one’s own media and the mass liking of the posts of others.


From then on, it’ll become easier to tell the difference between an active user or influencer who has been building their brand properly and who has been botting. Those who automated their processes will see follow numbers stall and new post engagement become much lesser, if not non-existent.

RIP Robots