#InstaGood – Top 10 CNE-Worthy Frankenfoods

#InstaGood – Top 10 CNE-Worthy Frankenfoods

Summer may be halfway over but Toronto’s biggest event of the season is yet to begin! Home to some of the craziest foods we’ve ever attempted to stomach, the Canadian National Exhibition brings a deliciously mutated twist to festival food truck dishes each year, introducing thrill-seeking foodies to barely-edible inventions like the Spam Double Down, Deep-Fried Cookie Dough Balls and Pulled Pork Cinnamon Rolls.

Between crazy carnival chefs and challenge-hungry hosts like those at Epic Meal Time, frankenfood has become a yearly worldwide phenomenon as diners seek that bigger, better, most fatty food challenge while still having a stomach steel enough to hold it all down.

As we eagerly await this year’s festivities, here are our top ten fetches of frankenfoods found from around the world.

Starting small with a Cookies & Creme Churro Burger

Birthday Cake Pancakes, anyone?

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An apple a day is better dipped in caramel, white chocolate and deep-fried oreo bits!

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Pizza x Burger x Pizza

The Endless Starter Option Caesar

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Double Cheeseburger x Beef Brisket x Deep Fried Twinkies

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Nutella Pizza w/ Roasted Marshmallows

Straight outta Brussels, it’s the T-Rex Burger

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Chocolate-Covered Ice Cream Taco

Pork Belly Pops topped with Crinkle-Cut Fries