Which Content Creator/Influencer Shouldn’t You Be?

If you’ve ever been in an industry where blogging and digital influencing has a strong business or personal presence, you’ve likely encountered one or more of the types of individuals. If you happen to be one of these individuals, well… #sorrynotsorry

The Walking Billboard

It’s likely that this individual started out as humble as the rest of them; working hard, pushing quality content, looking for that next great collaboration and making great connections. Now you can’t remember the last time they posted something glowingly authentic, mostly something NOT #sponsored.
It’s even worse when their line of #ads or #sponsored posts make no sense, especially together. One week, they’re the face of a Fitspo giveaway at that convention centre, next week they’re pushing a slightly altered version of a burger at an ever-popular junk food franchise.

Do these people say no to any pitch at this point? #PermanentlySponsored

The Humble-Brag Stay-Home Socialite

These ones can be harder to spot, unless you happen upon the account of someone who -did- attend a destination or event the humble/not-so-humble socialite was allegedly also invited to (or at least considered making their presence at).

Sometimes they leave a well-intended looking comment like, “sorry to have missed it!” or “bummed I couldn’t be there.” Other times, they go all out, posting, retweeting or regraming others’ in-the-moment social updates with boasts of being invited too but choosing not to go, with or without mention of the ones who posted the image or video in the first place.

Is it cliche to brag about something you were invited to, or pitched, even when you’ve turned it down because you wanted to decline? Or is it fair play, or promo, in goodwill for the host(s)?

Fear not, they’re not exactly the stay-home socialite that give us the red pen strike temptations. That’s our next category.

The No-Show, No-Notice Socialite

These are the bloggers and influencers who have published, dressed and impressed. They’re present, they’re charismatic (in-person or online) and you feel it’d be a privelege to have them at an event. They’ve recieved the invitation, they’ve accepted it, you’ve submitted all details, all asks and all follow-ups. All clear, it looks.
Then they don’t show up. With zero notice of such.

You could update your Instagram story 12 times and retweet a funny cat but you couldn’t reply to an email?

#Worst, especially if it was paid, then it’s like no-showing for a job which isn’t acceptable in any industry or position.

Say something; before, during or after. Preferably before. We know you’re human, but we also know you’re on your phone thanks to your need to still tweet ‘n’ story.

Creator collaborators and influencer friends, don’t get us wrong. We love what you do, except the items above and when it’s the client who notices them.

Let’s create great stories together, and keep everyone happy.