New Year, New Trends! Our 2018 Predictions

New Year, New Trends! Our 2018 Predictions

From working closely with hundreds of chefs and restaurants across North America over the past 6 years, there’s no doubt that we pick up a thing or two when it comes to trends in the food industry. From Sea algae, sipping broths & plantable packaging, we’re continuing our annual tradition of predictions for what’ll be hot and sought both in and out of the kitchen this year. How many of our trend picks will you try?

Whether you find comfort in a bowl of your favourite savoury ice cream or a mug of your usual steamy flavoured tea, just wait until you can scoop and lick a cone of matcha or green tea ice cream!

Still prefer a hot cuppa? Soothe your soul and your senses with delicious sipping broths instead! Made with fresh vegetables, herbs and spices, these broths taste like a soup but are stirred in hot water from a steepable bag.

Photo Credit: Better than Bouillon

This year, we can look starboard to the sea-to-table movement! Because a happy ocean means a happy environment, there’s going to be a heavier concentration on supplies from local fisheries with a sustainability-first strategy for creating seafood options for restaurants and foodservice communities.

Plus, making waves in the wellness department, we’re going to be seeing a lot more sea algae coming to the centre of the plate, or your coffee shop latte. High in protein, potassium, zinc, iron and calcium, look for this old/new superfood in a dish or drink near you!

Photo Credit: Signs of the Times

Nima uses anti-body-based chemistry to test samples of food for the proteins found in gluten. Now gluten-sensitive people can dine confidently and deliciously.

Photo Credit: Nima

We are nutty for dairy alternatives like cheeze, mylk, and yogurt that use nut-like cashews and almonds.

Photo credit: Zengarry Fauxmagerie

From a mountain of scoops piled high in a cotton candy cone to being infused with the darkness of charcoal, ice cream is the colourful dessert that will always have its moment, especially for the ‘gram. In 2018, we’ll see sweet swirls served in watermelon, pineapple, mango or any other fruit that can act as a vessel for that perfect shot.

Photo Credit: The Urbanlist

We’re re-thinking the way we grow our food by expanding beyond a field tended by a farmer. The new year will take crops to the sky with vertical farming, integrate seeds into paper with plantable packaging and let chefs grow their herbs in-house with restaurant microgardens.

Photo Credit: Fresh Produce Group

Get ready to get your hands dirty as you indulge in the hottest new global cuisines hitting the streets. From the taco-sandwich hybrid, arepas, and sizzling egg crepes to dessert bao buns, you’ll have your hands full with their high-flavour and deliciousness.

From Nazareth in Toronto to Au Coin Berbere in Montreal, we continue to see East African-inspired restaurants grow in popularity throughout Canada.

Next time you head out for dinner, take your tastebuds on a journey through East Africa and enjoy signature seasonings, BBQ marinades and sauces of Tanzania and Ethiopia.