#InstaGood – Top 10 Summer Cocktails

#InstaGood – Top 10 Summer Cocktails

A standard menu alternative to wine and beer, cocktails have been mixing up the bar scene since (approximately) the 17th or 18th century. The term cocktail is said to have come from the mispronunciation of coquetier, an eggcup in which a New Orleans apothecary named Antoine Amédée Peychaud used to serve brandy and bitters within.

While the standard Caesar or vodka & OJ will never go out of style, the evolution from the simple cocktail days has sprouted a revolution among the shakers and stirrers within the foodservice industry. Mixology has gone from a simple bartending process to an absolute artform, one which can be studied and forever built-upon as liquor licensees experiment with new fruit and drink pairings, most with special garnishes to top them all off.

With patio season in full swing, and a refreshing beverage being the perfect addition to our time in the sunshine, we’ve stirred together our own drink mix, the Top 10 #InstaGood Summer Cocktails.


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A picture perfect cocktail straight outta Poland.

Connecticut’s Cotto Wine Bar brings us the Vincenzo Gambi, a refreshing mixture of roasted mango, basil-infused rum, jalepeno puree and lime bitters!

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California girl Brenna McHugh is sunshine ready with her vegetarian-friendly Mean Tangerine cocktail.

Love sipping on a good slushie? Might we suggest one made from Sangira, courtesy of Chicago Mixologist Lov Carpenter?

We love new recipes and can’t wait to try this Sweet and Sour Cherry Sparkler, created by Maureen Petrosky!

Stirring together lemon, strawberry slices, Moscato and pink lemonade with a splash of strawberry vodka, The Naked Grape has created a cocktail with a berrylicious kick!

Spiked or alcohol-free, the Real Food RDs have shared a savoury Strawberry Mojito Kombucha Cocktail that can be made either way!

Last month, Toronto soda-cocktail fans had their tastebuds rocked by the Alphonso Radler, a Jarritos-infused creation by Jackpot Chicken Rice. Made with Steamwhistle Pilsner, Mango Jarritos, Zubrowka and thai basil.

Have your lips met Tom Collins? Plymouth gin, Suze d’Autrefois, Element honeydew jalapeño shrub, simple syrup, lime & a topping of club soda. Mmmm!

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At Salt Box Farm, spring is for aperol spritzes in the patio sun.