Logos Unveiled: Exploring Craft Brewery Association Identities

Logos Unveiled: Exploring Craft Brewery Association Identities

In a previous blog post, we delved into the significance of logos.

Now, let’s examine two distinct companies, each endeavoring to convey a similar message.

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Similarities between the Associations:

  1. Craft Brewing Advocacy: Both companies are actively engaged in advocacy efforts to support and advance the craft brewing industry within their respective regions.
  2. Promotion of Industry Interests: They both strive to promote and protect the interests of craft brewers, advocating for legislative changes and initiatives that foster growth and sustainability.
  3. Community Engagement: Both companies engage with their communities to raise awareness about the importance of supporting local craft breweries and the broader economic and cultural contributions of the craft brewing industry.



Company 1: Ontario Craft Brewers Website: Ontario Craft Brewers

Summary: Ontario Craft Brewers is dedicated to advocating for the craft brewing industry in Ontario, Canada. Through their advocacy efforts, they aim to promote and protect the interests of craft brewers, ensuring a thriving and sustainable brewing landscape in the region.

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Company 2: Florida Brewers Guild Website: Florida Brewers Guild

Summary: The Florida Brewers Guild champions the cause of craft brewers in Florida, USA, with a particular focus on their “Freedom for Beer” campaign. This campaign advocates for legislative changes to support the growth and prosperity of the craft brewing community in Florida, emphasizing the importance of freedom and autonomy in beer production and distribution

Freedom For Beer – Educating Florida craft beer consumers ...


By examining these two companies, we gain insights into how different organizations within the craft brewing sphere convey a shared message of advocacy and support for their industry.


But Which One Is Better?


A shield logo is well-suited for the Florida Brewers Guild for several reasons:

  1. Symbol of Protection: A shield is traditionally associated with protection and defense. In the context of the Florida Brewers Guild, this can symbolize their advocacy efforts to protect the interests of craft brewers in the state.
  2. Representation of Strength: Shields are often emblematic of strength and resilience. By using a shield in their logo, the Florida Brewers Guild communicates a sense of strength and unity within the craft brewing community, highlighting their commitment to overcoming challenges and advancing the industry.
  3. Heritage and Tradition: Shields have a long history and are often associated with heraldry and tradition. For the Florida Brewers Guild, incorporating a shield into their logo may evoke a sense of heritage and tradition within the craft brewing culture, emphasizing the guild’s role in preserving and celebrating brewing traditions in Florida.
  4. Visual Impact: Shields are visually striking and easily recognizable. The use of a shield logo can help the Florida Brewers Guild stand out and leave a memorable impression on


A wordmark logo is particularly effective for Ontario Craft Brewers for several reasons:

  1. Brand Recognition: A wordmark logo prominently displays the name of the organization in a stylized font or design. For Ontario Craft Brewers, using a wordmark logo allows them to reinforce their brand identity and ensure instant recognition among their audience.
  2. Clarity and Simplicity: Wordmark logos are clear and straightforward, focusing solely on the organization’s name without additional imagery or symbols. This simplicity ensures that the message is easily understood and remembered by consumers, making it ideal for Ontario Craft Brewers to communicate their brand name and purpose effectively.
  3. Professionalism: Wordmark logos convey a sense of professionalism and credibility. By presenting their organization’s name in a distinct and polished manner, Ontario Craft Brewers can establish themselves as a reputable authority within the craft brewing industry, enhancing trust and credibility among consumers and stakeholders.
  4. Versatility: Wordmark logos are highly versatile and adaptable across various marketing materials and platforms. Whether it’s on packaging, promotional materials, or digital platforms, Ontario Craft Brewers can seamlessly integrate their wordmark logo, maintaining consistency and coherence in their branding efforts.


Both the shield logo of the Florida Brewers Guild and the wordmark logo of Ontario Craft Brewers serve their respective organizations effectively, each conveying distinct messages and qualities. While the shield logo of the Florida Brewers Guild symbolizes protection, strength, tradition, and visual impact, the wordmark logo of Ontario Craft Brewers prioritizes brand recognition, clarity, simplicity, professionalism, and versatility. Now, we leave it to you, the reader, to decide which logo resonates more with you. Which one do you prefer, and why?