What to Expect in 2024: Branding & Buzzing’s Exclusive Trend Analysis

What to Expect in 2024: Branding & Buzzing’s Exclusive Trend Analysis

Welcome to the Branding & Buzzings unofficial, zero science 2024 Trend Report! Every year, our team indulges in the thrilling game of predicting what we’ll be devouring and diving into in the coming year. We’ve had some epic wins, like the 2017 call by agency partner, Marian Staresinic, who boldly brought back the wedge salad. Oh, the wedge revolution! ๐Ÿฅ— And yes, we’ve had a few “oops” moments, but let’s not dig up those culinary mishaps.

Our trend predictions are born from our undeniable bond with our clients’ products โ€“ we’re talking quality time that borders on obsession. It’s time to feast on the trends that will define our eating adventures this year. Let’s dig in and make 2024 a flavor-packed journey! ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿฝ๏ธ #TrendFiesta #FoodieForecast2024


Trend 1: Pineapple Everything

Hold on to your taste buds because 2024 is the year of the pineapple! According to Pinterest’s crystal ball, pineapples are set to dominate the culinary scene. From pineapple-infused cocktails to burgers with pineapple buns, the Pineapple Palooza is about to take over your kitchen. Get ready to dive into the juicy details of this fruity frenzy and embrace the tropical takeover! Pineapple history and recipe ideas await you โ€“ click here for a slice of the action. ๐Ÿ #PineapplePalooza #FoodTrends2024

Trend 2: Fuzzy Peach is the Color of the Year

Get ready for a blast from the past with Pantone’s color prediction โ€“ fuzzy peach is making a comeback! This vintage-inspired hue is reminiscent of the ’80s, bringing back memories of peach walls and retro vibes. Dive into the nostalgia and pair Peach Fuzz with other ’80s favorites like mauve, teal, ochre, and seafoam green. Wondering how to incorporate it into your kitchen and marketing plan? Click here for some peachy inspiration.

Trend 3: AI on the Plate

Step into the future of dining with AI on the plate! According to Trend Hunter, AR hardware will soon guide us through cooking tasks, whisking guest experiences away to the Metaverse. Imagine enjoying tacos and beer in Mexico while sitting in your local city. Ready to bring this futuristic feast to life? Click here for ideas on merging reality and the Metaverse. ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒฎ

Trend 4: Geek Out Candy

Geek is the new chic, especially when it comes to candy! Nerds are having a moment, with candy shops popping up across Canada. From unique flavours worldwide to dedicated candy stores, the sweet landscape is evolving. Morning Brew even notes Nerds making it to Super Bowl LVIII! Get ready to indulge your inner nerd and explore the candy revolution.

The Candy Bar - blogTO - Toronto

Trend 5: Sweet and Heat Cocktails

Spice up your drink game with the Sweet and Heat trend! Inspired by pop culture trends like the Barbie film and Wonka, flavors like smoky caramel and Neapolitan ice cream are taking center stage. Whether it’s a zesty spicy margarita or a mango habanero concoction, expect more “sweet heat” fusions in the New Year. Check out the beverage trends for 2024 here.

Trend 6: New Noodles

Say goodbye to plain ramen as noodle brands step up their game! Gourmet options are flooding the market, offering alternatives to the classics. From Momofuku Tingly Chili Wavy Noodles to Lotus Foods Spicy Kimchi Rice Ramen Noodle Soup, the noodle game has never been this exciting. Get ready for a noodle revolution! Personal note agency partner Marian Staresinic has been trying her way through the USA options hopefully bringing them back to Canada.

Momofuku X A-sha Spicy Soy Noodles - 5ct/16.75oz : Target

Trend 7: Nostalgia

Take a trip down memory lane with the Nostalgia trend! With different generational purchasing groups, food becomes a memory. From Vachon cakes celebrating anniversaries to the elusive McRib trending in Canada, food nostalgia knows no bounds. Dive deep into the history of Wheaties and discover the Breakfast of Champions. Nostalgia is on the menu!

Trend 8: Gen Zers Exert Their Influence

Gen Zers are the new power players in the restaurant industry! With a growing importance rivaling millennials, this cohort is shaping menus with a focus on functional foods and convenience. While they appreciate a warm, authentic vibe, loyalty presents a challenge. Get ready for the Gen Z takeover in the dining scene.

Trend 9: Early-Bird Dining Grows

Say goodbye to late-night eating as early-bird dining takes the spotlight! With changing work hours, customers are opting for “anytime” dining, seeking earlier dinner service to avoid crowds and snag elusive reservations. Gen Zers, valuing a balanced lifestyle and quality sleep, are leading the charge. Get ready for a shift in dining habits!

Newsletter : The Hartman Group

Trend 10: Classic Condiments Get Upgraded

Get ready for a condiment revolution! Classic condiments are getting a makeover with varied preparations, flavor interpretations, and packaging. Imagine aioli with yuzu, mustard with grapes, and ketchup with salal berry. This trend brings cost-effective menu innovations and a fresh take on familiar flavors.


Trend 11: Liquors Are on the Rise

Raise your glass because liquors are having a moment! With low ABV cocktails trending, consumers are experimenting with exciting and simple cocktails at home. Liqueurs are stealing the spotlight, with bartenders creating innovative concoctions like orange juice mixed with Kahlรบa. It’s time to get creative with your spirits!

A bottle of Spiced Pear Tinacci 2017 1000

Trend 12: Menus Go Granular

Say goodbye to vague menu descriptions โ€“ transparency is the new trend! Cocktails won’t just have apple flavor; they’ll specify Granny Smith. Generic red wine vinegar steps aside for Barolo wine vinegar. Get ready for detailed menu descriptions that focus on ingredient varietals, regions, and countries of origin. Quality and transparency are in vogue.

6 Benefits of Prunes: Fiber, Potassium, Vitamin K

Trend 13: Natural Wines

Join the natural wine movement! Departing from conventional winemaking, natural wines prioritize minimal intervention, organic farming, and authenticity. Wild yeast, no additives like sulfites โ€“ it’s all about letting the grapes express themselves. Sustainability and environmental consciousness take center stage, making natural wines a growing trend.

La Mundial โ€“ El aperitivo de Barcelona

Trend 14: Sour Foods

Get ready for a sour sensation! Sour is stealing the spotlight, bringing layers of flavor to kitchens and menus. Move over lemon and balsamic โ€“ it’s time for tigre de leche, calamansi, sour orange, plum, and pickled and fermented foods to shine. Discover the world of sour power here.

Tasty Yummies Healthy Delicious Snacks | Quick Pickled Veggies

Trend 15: Sparkle & Shine

Bring on the effervescence! Sparkling and carbonated drinks are making waves in alcoholic beverages. From sparkling wines and wine seltzers to high-ABV seltzers, the Ready-to-Drink category is on fire. Keep an eye out for French products and larger-format sparkling teas โ€“ the unexpected is about to happen!

Creating Wine Grapes that Can Withstand Climate Change | SevenFifty Daily

Trend 16: Plan the Plan

Bid farewell to spontaneity because planning is the new cool kid! Millennials are leading the charge, turning planning into a lifestyle. From meticulously crafted food schedules to step-by-step adventures on Google Maps, every minute is scheduled for sharing. Embrace the organized chaos โ€“ planning is the name of the game!

Tourist woman holding travelers map to travel to destination Stock Photo by nd3000