Eat & Tweet – Mixing Up The Best of Social Media Symposium

Eat & Tweet – Mixing Up The Best of Social Media Symposium

The Food & Beverage industry has been one of the most active presences in social media since it became a viable marketing medium ten years ago, and if you haven’t jumped on board yet, it’s not too late. But with the all the available channels, it may be difficult to know where to start. This one-hour session will take place at the Restaurants Canada Show in Toronto on the Main Stage March 2 from 12:15pm – 1:15pm.


You’ll learn how tell the whole world about your restaurant by getting others to do it for you. Social Marketing expert Sean Beckingham invites four of the most influential people in the industry to reveal the recipe for restaurant social media success and will simplify social media for you.

The Eat & Tweet symposium and will cover everything from establishing an identity to building a presence to putting yourself on the tip of everyone’s tongue.



Matt Basile– Owner at Fidel Gastro & Lisa Marie & Author of Street Food Diaries

Matt’s social media savvy is well-known. He’ll discuss the do’s and don’ts of building relationships with followers, and turning them into advocates for your restaurant and your food.


Suresh Doss – Publisher & Food Writer at Spotlight Toronto & Event Organizer

Suresh has a keen eye for being able to spot the next big tastes and trends. He’ll share what he looks for a restaurant worth highlighting, and the role social media plays in informing his choices.


Abbey Sharp — Publisher at Abbey’s Kitchen, Blogger & TV Personality

Abbey was one of Toronto’s most popular food bloggers and has become a leading authority on food in the city. She’ll talk about what makes a good food blogger and why the one with the most fans might not be the right one for you.


Trevor Lui – Kanpai Snack Bar & La Brea Food, Director Operations International Centre

Trevor has spent 20 years of founding, co-founding restaurants. He’ll explain why social media become the most effective and sustainable avenue of F&B marketing, and what he’s learned about doing it right.


Sean Beckingham is the founder and co-owner of Branding & Buzzing, a leading social marketing services provider in the Canadian food industry with clients including Samuel Adams, The McEwan Group, Thai Kitchen Canada, Alozokay Tea, Toronto Eaton Centre and Manitoba Canola Growers. Sean’s mantra is Make Friends Not Ads.  When you meet him, you’ll see why he’s so good at it. Sean has been building relationships and connecting people with brands throughout his entire career. He’s a sought after speaker at Social Media Conferences such as Spark Sessions, recognized by Trend Hunter as the forefront of Influencer Marketing and most recently featured as a notable entrepreneur by Notable.


About Branding & Buzzing

We have worked with some of Canada’s hippest restaurants including Rock Lobster, DaiLo, The Big Crow, Mildred Temple Kitchen, Edulis, Fable and Celebrity Chef Mark McEwan’s group of restaurants.  We are currently working on Season 2 of Thai Kitchen Canada’s national campaign, #TKeveryday Recipe Challenge where we use SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS to create shareable content and build new customers.  Our extensive Samuel Adams beer and food programs united foodies from the east and west coasts.  This spring we’ll be launching an exciting top-secret social event series with Manitoba Canola Growers hosted by Chefs and Influencers.

Our agency creates consumer conversations and experiences that are inspirational, memorable, sharable and most importantly brand-driven. Knowing what’s hot in the food scene and what’s going to be hot is something we embed into our client programs.

Buzzing is about taking action of your brand’s audience of Influencers through social media and leveraging that influence into restaurant media launches, content & collaborative marketing, influencer events and programs, national and local campaigns, crowdsourcing, consumer sampling, twEAT-Ups, and contests, all positioned to get you noticed.