With approximately 1 million visitors weekly, it’s no wonder that Toronto Eaton Centre is one of the busiest malls in city. Although it’s a landmark to many, Ryerson students call it their mini getaway from university classes.

Over the course of their Winter Semester, we worked with TEC to invite three student groups such as: AIESEC, SAGE Canada, and the South Asian Alliance to host TwEAT-ups at the Urban Eatery called #RyersonTwEATS. The groups hosted meetings and socials at participating food vendors including: Liberty Noodle, Aroma Espresso Bar, and Crepe Delicious.

It involved a week of lead-up tweets, a Facebook Cover Photo takeover, and IRL conversation which amplified not only TEC’s brand but also the vendor and the student group.

During #RyersonTwEATS, student groups of 20-30 members joined an online conversation with the food retailer and TEC.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 1.48.11 PM


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Instagram and Twitter feeds were filled with #foodporn that got everyone’s mouths watering.

By reintroducing the Ryerson community to the Urban Eatery, students had a fresh perspective on the old “food court”. Today, it is a place where students can have meetings, do assignments, and enjoy an experience around food.