Being like-minded and bonded by synergies are the two elements needed to complete the perfect brand partnership.

Like-minded: having a like disposition or purpose of the same mind or habit of thought (Miriam-Webster Dictionary).

Synergy: a mutually advantageous conjunction or compatibility of distinct business participants or elements (Miriam-Webster Dictionary).


As a social media agency, it is our job to align our clients with the best and that includes fulfilling the two requirements above. Nothing goes together better than an evening of premium food and fashion, so we knew that planning a Social Event for The McEwan Group and partnering with The Coveteur and Holt Renfrew would result in a memorable time for all in attendance.

Imagine yourself entering one of the most beautiful kitchen showrooms in the City of Toronto – SubZero Wolf – and seeing Celebrity Chef Mark McEwan embrace the attention of his guests. You make your way to the back of the room to indulge in a glass of wine by Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery or custom cocktail engineered by Joshua Groom from Set The Bar using   Forty Creek Whisky but before you can make it there you are stolen by the beauty of the Holt Renfrew clothing displays (including studded high heels in a refrigerator). Across the room you can overhear the couture conversation by the ladies of The Coveteur while you are pleasantly interrupted by a server walking through with a delicious platter of hors d’oeuvres prepared by Chef McEwan and his team. Top to bottom (not any different than how the perfect outfit should look) this event showcased products that offered great value & quality reaching and impacting a core group of invited guests that appreciate the finer things in life.

Whether it is the contents in your pantry or your closet, it all comes down to the same thing – both items hit a shopping bag first. You ask yourself though what made them a worthwhile purchase, it’s simply because these products offered only the best which The McEwan Group, The Coveteur & Holt’s pride themselves on.

We,  on the other hand, pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s expectations and giving their customers a reason to keep their brand top of mind. We work hard to keep the conversation going by keeping their brands vocal and social and this event – #CovetCooks – did just that.


A Shopping Bag Full of Brand Partnerships.

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Written by: Caiti McLelland