Collaboration Builds Blogger Communities

Collaboration Builds Blogger Communities

We are an agency that understands the value of being engaging and looks for unique opportunities to work with Bloggers to participate and share their experiences with our clients’ products. The result, a perfect opportunity where people who love social media can share their stories about products they are passionate about. And we think that’s something truly special. Blogger collaboration builds better communities.

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Photo Credit: Living Lou

For example our Samuel Adams Brand-In-Hand program, launched in January 2014 is unusual in that it operates primarily as a Blogger and brand collaboration. The posts rely heavily on the creativity of the individual and have very few guidelines.

Whether they choose to create an irresistible beer-infused caramel sauce or take us on a photo-journey of their picnic with a Boston Lager, it’s all up to them. And we love that!

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Photo Credit: Lillie Louise Photography

With the help of food-focused Bloggers the brand is able to reach broader and new audiences, showcase the versatility of their beer and most importantly, share moments that has become a part of traditions such as BBQs in the summer or brunch on the weekends. We aren’t afraid to say we might never have thought of these fresh, great concepts without them.

Cheers to great beer & even better stories!