Fly & Dine – A Fall Adventure Across Canada’s Kitchens

Fly & Dine – A Fall Adventure Across Canada’s Kitchens

From Vancouver to Montreal, our staff went across Canada this Fall to bring fans of French’s and Club House behind the lines of some of our country’s top kitchens.



Ready to #ShareALittleRed with the West Coast, our Shanley Gibb headed to British Columbia, making her way to Maple Ridge’s Black Sheep Pub for a creative afternoon of photography with French’s. Then it was off to Paul’s Place Omelettery to keep the ketchup-on-camera train rolling.

After a well-deserved night of rest, Shanley was back on set the next day with Chef Alessandro Vianello of Wildebeest. Feature of the Day? His savoury Curry Beef and Bone Marrow Steam Buns!

Shanley’s Vancouver Trip Highlight: Getting to see the bears!



Bringing the love of Leamington, Ontario tomatoes to Alberta’s culinary capital, Shanley soon landed in Calgary, meeting up with the teams at Toad ‘n’ Turtle Pubhouse & Grill and Brewsters Brewing for some front-of-house photo fun with French’s ketchup.

Chef Roy OhIt was then time to head to Anju Restaurant for some Korean inspo from Chef Roy Oh. There he cooked up his latest Club-House inspired recipes; Ramen Wrapped Prawns, Garam Masala Spiced Pear Potstickers and Green Curry Mac & Cheese.

“The Canadian food culture is just as important as my Korean heritage.It’s how I’m able to make Korean food relatable and understandable to the North American perspective.”

Shanley’s Calgary Trip Highlight: Visiting Banff and dining at Charcut while in Calgary!



Looking for a u’nique Ontario culinary experience just outside the GTA, our team happened upon Chef Harrison Hennick, Owner of Hamilton’s Nique Restaurant!

“We chose Hamilton because I’ve always been a unique kind of dude. I’ve always been a bit different, and as much as Toronto is my city, I didn’t want to be just another restaurant in a busy city, trying to compete for a little piece of the pie. I wanted to be the pie.”
– See full interview here.

With such an out there, experimental menu experience always afoot at Nique, we couldn’t wait to see the finished plates of Chef Hennick’s Thai Pancakes, Brazilian BBQ Grilled Hearts of Palm Salad and their Blackened Chicken Avocado Bowl.

Hamilton Trip Highlight: Always craving those Thai Pancakes!



It was then our Sean and Marian’s turn for a culinary adventure as they ventured to Montreal to meet Chef Jérémie Falissard, Executive Chef of French diner, Foiegwa!

There he made his Club House-seasoned Mantane Shrimp & Avocado dish followed by a Mackerel Crudo with Leche de Tigre Vinaigrette, made from Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk.

“Sometimes people think, “how do you do that? How can French be mixed with American dishes?” I think they go really well together and it’s easy to do for us because I’m from France and have been living here [Montreal] for fifteen years now. It’s great to be able to mix them together and it’s fun as well. I can do French fries with a truffle mornay on top or fried frog legs with the beurre de milk ranch sauce.”

Sean & Marian’s Montreal Trip Highlight: The food!