Bonne Maman Brings the Community ‘Home’ for the Holidays

Bonne Maman Brings the Community ‘Home’ for the Holidays

When you think of the most fun evening of being ‘home for the holidays,’ what comes to mind?

In under 24 hours, with the guidance of Culinary Curator Jasmine Baker, our team took a 2000 square foot space and transformed it into a stunning, engaging #BonneMamanHoliday experience for our guests.

Playful elements included traditional boardgames from earlier years and a DIY snowglobe station with TV Personality Christine Tizzard, utilizing Bonne Maman’s classic glass jars as the “globes.”

Served were classic holiday bites and festive cocktails created with a Bonne Maman jam twist.

L-R: Angelie Sood, Tiffany Chin, Anna Napolitano & Soheila Hakimi

In addition to those above, notable guests also included Michelle Jobin, Alison Foo, Irene Matys, Maddie & Kiki, Cindy Leung and Pina Crispo.

#BonneMamanHoliday By The Numbers


125 influencers in attendance
30 hashtagged Instagram posts of the party
Over 90 hashtagged Instagram stories from the party, & many more without
5,890 likes on Instagram posts
Over 116,000 views (impressions) of Instagram posts
& lots of holiday spirit!