The Delicious Food Show: Triple Threat

The Delicious Food Show: Triple Threat

It’s a rare opportunity when our clients are able to come together and enhance each other’s brands through one deliciously co-ordinated event. This was precisely what took place at the Delicious Food Show on October 25-27, 2013.   

Rock Lobster_Samuel Adams Promo Image

In the spirit of collaboration we were able to integrate the participation of Rock Lobster, Samuel Adams and Abbey’s Kitchen Stadium and showcase themselves, and each other, in an environment that is simply about the latest and greatest on the food scene in Canada.        


It wasn’t about understanding that there was “ something” unique that each brand could bring to #DFS14. Instead for us it’s been always about knowing exactly what that “something” is (and in the case of the DFS) creating an integrated experience.

Naturally, Social Media is our tool of choice to effectively enable conversation about, and for, our brands. We’re always looking for a way to make new friends.

Much like the Delicious Food Show, there’s always room for more food, beer and conversation at our table. We’re excited to be back again this year from October 17-19th .