Taking Brand Creativity to Virtual Heights with Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman Figgy Cocktail

Taking Brand Creativity to Virtual Heights with Bonne Maman

Teaming up with client Bonne Maman, our team harnessed the social engaging power of Facebook Live and IGTV alongside three industry influencers to get our target audiences crafting in different ways with Bonne Maman jam and their signature jars. Each video was filmed by the individual influencers in the comfort of their own homes using their own phones – a distancing-friendly and budget-friendly logistic for your next marketing initiative.

By taking what would have been in-person workshop experiences and hosting them online, we were able to reach larger audiences and markets for the brand in less planning time, travel time and with fewer costs.

In fact, Facebook itself found that people watch Facebook Live videos 3x longer on average than non-live videos. That could be triple the attention span directed toward your brand.

Plus, these streamed video experiences continue to serve the brand as evergreen, stored content viewers can return to again and again.

Tactic: Custom Cocktail Time

Hosted by TV Personality and Food Expert Christine Tizzard, viewers were guided through the makings of a Marmy Rhum Punch, a Bonne Maman cocktail perfect for anyone’s next virtual happy hour.

“The Facebook live program experience was an easy fit for me since it gave me the flexibility to work at my own pace, in my own space, and design the program when it worked best for me (and my family). I love in person events but with those comes a lot of planning and moving parts. This Branding & Buzzing program creates more freedom, especially at times when things are chaotic.”

You can find more of Christine’s delectable recipes online and in her latest cookbook, Honest to Goodness.

Tactic: On-Brand Family Baking

Publishing to both Facebook and IGTV, Parenting & Kitchen Experts Sneaky Mommies created a 4-ingredient appetizer – Jam and Goat Cheese Puff Pastry Pinwheels – inviting audiences to make some themselves or even engage their children in the process, making this a quarantine-friendly kitchen activity for anyone in the home. Plus, it’s a very fruitful “first dish made” for any kid new to baking!

“Pivoting in business and finding new strategic and innovative ways to continue to support brands and influencers is something that Branding & Buzzing has excelled at during these trying times. They approached me to work on a campaign and together we created a cohesive plan that supported both the client and delivered the message to my audience in the most impactful way with an IGTV segment. I loved the feedback and comments from my followers and I felt that it was just a fun way to educate and entertain by being as present and real as possible.”

‘Sneak’ even more healthy, delicious recipes into your kitchen from Sneaky Mommies here.

Tactic: DIY Product Crafting

Known for her expertise in home decor and organization, crafts and recipes, Alberta’s The DIY Mommy took Bonne Maman’s distinguishable jars and guided Facebook Live audiences through turning them into Miniature Mason Jar Terrariums. These adorable decor pieces can be customized for any occasion any time of the year!

“The real-time interaction of my audience [during Facebook Live] was great to see. Live shooting from home is more interactive than static posts, and it’s more cost and time effective than in-person campaigns. Plus, I loved that I was able to work from home while interacting with my followers.”

For even more DIY inspo, see her latest craft and home creations here.

#BonneMamanCA by the Numbers

125,169 Total Video Views
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497,260 Total Impressions
106,096 Total Reach
15,194 Total Instagram Story Views

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