A Fun and Games 2019 Finale for the Team at The Edible Story

A Fun and Games 2019 Finale for the Team at The Edible Story

As you might have recently read on our blog, our team recently had an Edible Story outing to round out our 2019 together. There, we made that night’s home-cooked meal for 40 hungry citizens at Good Shepherd Ministries. Read all about it here.

L-R: Ashley, David, Josh, Casey, Sean, Marian, Shanley, Jessica & Aimee!

With the food in the delivery truck to Good Shepherd, but not quite our own dinnertime, our team hilariously performed in an impromptu game of charades!

In an acting battle of men vs. women, it went to a tiebreaker where a fast guess of Star Wars ultimately won it for the guys.

All followed by a delicious meal of Braised Chicken with Coconut Red Curry, Herbs and Fried Garlic and Ginger, Tuscan Kale with Lemon, Peas and Parmesan, Pasta with Cauliflower, Brown Butter and Parsley, Roasted Carrots and Brussel Sprouts with Gochujang Aioli, Braised Fennel and Delicata Squash Panzanella then Chocolate Pot De Creme with Candied Hazelnuts; all made by our friends at The Edible Story!

Happy Holidays from Team Branding & Buzzing!