An Edible Afternoon for Good Shepherd

An Edible Afternoon for Good Shepherd

For the last few years, our team ethos come holiday time has been one of giving back (#BBGivesBack) to the communities through meaningful charitable donations, rather than wrapped gifts and sparkly swag. From funding humanitarian aide to supporting more personal causes to the hearts of our members, doing good always felt more special than buying good, and we’d always intended to keep it that way.

This year, we decided to take a more hands-on approach in the most true Branding & Buzzing way possible; cooking and food with a cause.

Together we gathered at The Edible Story and divided into stations to prepare that evening’s meal which would be delivered to 40 hungry citizens at Good Shepherd Ministries.

Good Shepherd Ministries, open on Queen St. E since 1963, has been a source of gentle arms and ears for those in the city in need through their provided beds, meals, essentials donations and programs like DARE and resettlement services.

Creating everything for them from scratch that afternoon put a new perspective on, and gave a more divine appreciation for, the efforts of not only cooking elements of a meal but providing a night’s common-to-us necessity for those who don’t always have the access or privilege. We loved getting to take what we love (Food!) and putting our passion forward for the greater good, with many laughs and smiles in between.

From Good Shepherd


Thank you to you and your team for cooking this for our DARE clients – they always appreciate it when people take time out of their busy days to prepare a home cooked meal for them.

– Cindy Shlanger, Fundraiser, Donor Relations.