Facebook Holiday Marketing Guide: Celebrating with Authenticity, Affordability and Action

Facebook Holiday Marketing Guide: Celebrating with Authenticity, Affordability and Action

Before, during and after the holiday season, it’s not just good products and great prices that have and keep the consumers coming to your checkout. There are three words to always keep in mind and they all start with “A.”

In this 5-part Facebook Holiday Marketing Guide series, we are providing you with a stats-backed roadmap for your brand to successfully navigate the best advertising and e-commerce practices during this heavily impacted holiday season.

In Part 1, we dove into the demographics of 2020 shopping habits and what they mean for your brand. In Part 2, we explored the -how- of Canadian consumers’ e-commerce activity; how are they spending money (and for whom)? Plus, how you can create specialized ads that inspire, and inquire about, their shopping desires. In Part 3, we helped your business take on the consumer pivot from disruption to discovery. In Part 4, we looked at the rise of sales.

Now, in Part 5/5, we’re finishing with a formula you need to know.

According to a study by YouGov, as commissioned by Facebook HQ, even despite the disruption of traditions this year, an average of 74% of those surveyed globally want to see brand activity during the holiday season on Facebook and Instagram.

That’s right, your brand doesn’t have to shy away from celebratory content. BUT, there is an equation that can and should be followed in order to be considerate and still sensitive to the goings-on.

2020 Holiday Content = Authenticity + Affordability + Action

How did this equation come to be?

Getting into the specifics of desired holiday content, global survey participants answered in the following percentages.

31% found it most important to see content that is real and authentic. 31% also want to see recent sales, promotions and offers. 32% want to see content that is informative. 25% prefer content that is fun or entertaining. 23% choose to want to see content that is inspiring or uplifting, with the same percentage wanting to see the content in their local language.

While this may seem like a lot, there is no reason your brand can’t cover all of the above, even in just a few posts! Here’s how.

– Remind your audiences how your brand took care of its community, and its workers (if applicable), throughout the year. Authenticity and transparency are key to maintaining rapport with your consumers.

– Continue public dedication to these actions. You can even take it one step further and implement a charitable aspect to your holiday output, as long as the not-for-profit connection makes sense.

Little time? Consider using Facebook’s pre-existing donation setup feature.

– Consider partnering with a local business that has had to close its doors for a while. Cross-channel partnerships not only give and show positive perception and reaction during difficult times, but they can also drive increased sales from your audiences, their audiences and many in between; that’s two companies supported in one execution.

– Celebrate with consumers, but differently. Don’t push social gathering aspects and imagery, but don’t be afraid to encourage new traditions or new ways to enjoy holidays with your products or services.

Your brand can still be part of their holiday stories they’ll tell on Zoom or FaceTime. Bring cheer, bring value, bring a voice they need and want to hear.

Facebook Holiday Marketing Guide

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