Facebook Holiday Marketing Guide: Turning Disruption into Discovery

Facebook Holiday Marketing Guide: Turning Disruption into Discovery

It’s no secret that this season has seen a lot of disruption in routines, holiday traditions and shopping habits; but it doesn’t have to degrade your business brackets.

In this 5-part Facebook Holiday Marketing Guide series, we are providing you with a stats-backed roadmap for your brand to successfully navigate best advertising and e-commerce practices during this heavily impacted holiday season.

In Part 1, we dove into the demographics of 2020 shopping habits and what they mean for your brand. In Part 2, we explored the -how- of Canadian consumers’ e-commerce activity; how are they spending money (and for whom)? Plus, how you can create specialized ads that inspire, and inquire about, their shopping desires.

Here in Part 3, we’re helping your business conquer the consumer-side pivot from disruption to product & service discovery!

Locked Doors, Open Doors

With many retailers closed, or limited to curbside shopping and/or fewer visitors at a time, in many areas, consumers are not only making changes in how they shop but also what they shop for.

Holidays were always a time for exploring new purchase or gift ideas, even before the pandemic. 64% of global seasonal shoppers surveyed by YouGov claimed to have browsed new products more around the holidays than the other months of the year.

However, with habits so forcefully disrupted across the map, more and more shoppers this year have little choice but to click the mouse, the Facebook ads, or the Google taskbar, rather than their vehicles’ push-start buttons.

There are three main ways you can ensure your products or services appeal to these wandering eyes and computer cursors.

Quality: Is it long-lasting? Versatile? Fresh? A problem-solver? Tell them, and how.

Utility: How would they want to use it, and why? Give them the answers before they even ask.

Affordability: This doesn’t have to mean cheap. It just has to make sense, and the juice has to be worth the wallet squeeze. Also, consumers LOVE payment plans, especially during the holidays. The more convenient the payment method, the better.

Tell the Story… with Stories!

One of the most visually appealing ways to present all three aspects of your products or services mentioned above can be through Instagram Stories!

Stories can be single-visuals, videos or animations. These stories can also be converted into Story Ads, which don’t vanish after 24 hours and can drive traffic to your website or desired web location.

Plus, these stories, regardless of paid backing, can be discovered by as far and wide or local as you desire.

“There are no borders in the digital world.”

Facebook Holiday Marketing Guide

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