Cacao Barry Flavour Dinners

Cacao Barry Flavour Dinners

We’re no strangers to chocolate. In fact, we dedicated the launch of our #instagood articles to this decadent treat.

For 170 years, Cacao Barry has been unlocking the senses and pioneering flavours with their premium chocolates. We’ve had the pleasure of working with them on their Flavour Dinner series here in Toronto at restaurants such as Lavelle and Colette Grand Café.


At each dinner, the host chef creates a menu that incorporates Cacao Barry’s rich chocolates into every dish. But who gets to consume these decadent meals? Why, chefs! The guest list consists of Toronto’s culinary finest and you’ll be seeing more of these dinners popping up. Next stop, La Banane!

ICYMI, Canadian Restaurant News gives us a peek inside the Flavour Dinner at Colette Grand Cafe. Prepare to let your mouth water and check out the article HERE.