What is a Media Buy? (& How to Get Yours)

What is a Media Buy? (& How to Get Yours)

Think you’ve got a brand or product the media should be covering? You need a media buy!

What is a Media Buy?

A media buy is a purchase of advertising space in print, TV, radio and online outlets. However, your purchase is not limited to the look and feel of a traditional sales ad!

When clients come to us wanting media space for their food and beverage brands, our media partnership purchases also involve customized articles highlighting brand benefits, highlights, hero moments, etc.

We believe not every media buy needs to repeatedly yell “buy me!”

Advantages of a Media Buy

    • Real life examples of brand use and benefit for current and potential consumers.
    • New, creative methods of showcasing your product.
    • Select publications have a guaranteed audience + high impression rate.
    • Media buys through an agency can streamline your marketing efforts further.

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