Updates Worth Sticking to your Instagram Strategy

Updates Worth Sticking to your Instagram Strategy

In the past few weeks, Instagram has rolled out interesting upgrades to really -stick it- to competing real-time storytelling app, Snapchat.


Slowly being introduced are geostickers for Instagram stories. These provide fun add-on images relating to the location where a user is snapping or live-taping from at the time. This is a development that will soon be perfect for consumer visits to a bar or restaurant in a given neighbourhood (Ex. Little Italy, Chinatown).

Geostickers are currently only available in New York and Jakarta but will be tapping their way into additional cities soon.

IG Album giphy

Also sliding into feeds everywhere are slideshow-like updates, Instagram’s answer to Facebook photo albums. Users are now able to share 1-10 pieces of photo or video content per post without spamming their followers’ timelines. This will allow businesses to share content that could be curated to look and act as a swipeable menu or mini product catalog.

Followers will never have to miss even the smallest details ever again as you begin to break even the largest updates into multiple quality pieces. They’ll also be less likely to miss your updates at all as comments are attributed to the entire “album,” not individual photos, improving your placement among timelines and within the IG algorithm.

Time to stick and slide!
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