How Twitter and Television Work Together

How Twitter and Television Work Together

The relationship between Social Media and your TV grows more and more everyday. Live events on TV are the perfect opportunity to feel connected using Twitter; we often follow along on and comment with our opinions. For brands it is a great opportunity to connect with your audiences. Every wonder what it all means? Have a look at this infographic to see how Twitter and TV work together. If your budget allows be sure to include Twitter social media strategy into your television ad buy.

It’s no secret that Twitter wants you to WATCH & TWEET.  Have a read from their official  website on how these two mediums work together.

“TV has always been a shared experience. Now, Twitter extends these conversations beyond the living room, allowing viewers to discuss what they’re watching in the moment with people around the block or around the globe. From a marketer’s perspective TV targeting gives networks and brands the opportunity to participate in these conversations, and to continue the conversations they start on TV with Twitter users discussing relevant programs.”


Watching television draws people together. Watching television and tweeting draws us even closer together. 

Twitter and TV