Branding & Buzzing Named AOR for Plutino Food & Drink

Branding & Buzzing Named AOR for Plutino Food & Drink

Plutino Group will be venturing into the food industry with Plutino Food & Drink, welcoming culinary artists to the family.

Plutino Food & Drink

Plutino Group, the agency with over 20 years in the business of growing and representing Toronto’s top artists is stepping into the food and drink industry to bring representation to culinary talent. Since their inception in 1991 as the only standalone artist agency in Canada, Plutino Group has brought a fresh perspective to the industry by recognizing trends before they happen. Talented and innovative artists in a diverse range of fields come to Plutino Group for their progressive approach. In 2016, Plutino Group will launch Plutino Food & Drink, bringing their years of expertise and wide network of connections to professionals in the food and drink industry including Chefs, Mixologists, Fromagers, and all varieties of culinary artists and experts.

Roseanna Plutino, President and Founder of Plutino Group, has been keeping a close eye on the changing landscape of the food industry over the last 10 years. As the wide array of restaurants in Toronto compete for the attention of diners and people become more and more interested in the food scene of their city, culinary talent and restaurateurs have risen to an almost celebrity status. Chefs are now in high demand and people are interested in seeing the personalities behind their favourite restaurants. Roseanna voices her thoughts on why moving into culinary was a clear next step for the agency:

“Food is such an important part of our culture, and those crafting our dining experiences are stepping out from behind the curtain, becoming public figures, and that really created the need and opportunity for us to partner up with them.”

Plutino Group is beginning its venture into this industry with representation of four carefully selected personalities who exemplify the merging of the food and entertainment industries. These artists will be the first in agency to be represented by Plutino Food & Drink:


Afrim Pristine
Maitre Fromager and Co-Owner of Cheese Boutique (Toronto, Canada)
Quite literally a Cheese Master, Afrim is the youngest and one of six Canadians to hold the title of Maitre Fromager granted by the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers. His passion for cheese is infectious.

Claudio Aprile
Chef/Owner of Origin restaurants, Judge on Masterchef Canada (Toronto, Canada)
Claudio Aprile’s innovative and sophisticated vision has earned him global critical acclaim and a spot on the judges’ panel for Masterchef Canada.

Grant Van Gameren
Chef/Owner of Bar Isabel and Bar Raval (Toronto, Canada)
Grant Van Gameren’s restaurants have earned him top spot recognition on many Best of Lists across the country both in food and design. They have revolutionized the eating experience in Toronto by introducing Canadians to an authentically Spanish dining style that makes going out to eat an experience.

Matt Dean Pettit
Chef/Owner of Rock Lobster restaurants, Cookbook Author, TV Personality (Toronto, Canada)
Matt Dean Pettit is a serial entrepreneur with a penchant for lobster. Alongside running his two bustling Rock Lobster locations, he is also author of The Great Lobster Cookbook and has his own brand of seafood products, Matty’s Seafood.

“We wanted to partner with trailblazers in the industry, with new and fresh visions. These four have a way of injecting their personalities into the food and bringing it to life.”

– Roseanna Plutino on selecting the first four

Plutino Food & Drink has retained Branding and Buzzing, experts in food and social media marketing, as their Agency of Record. Branding and Buzzing brings a great deal of insight into PR and marketing for food and drink brands. Marian Staresinic, Vice President at Branding and Buzzing and long-time chef herself, reflects on why Plutino Food & Drink is a step in the right direction for the industry:

“Over my 25 years working in the hospitality industry, I’ve watched chefs emerge from being behind-the-scenes to part of the main meal. It’s exciting to see a talent agency with so much experience and longevity bring artists in the food industry the representation they have long deserved. We believe this will change the landscape of the chef business.”

Sean Beckingham, President of Branding and Buzzing, comments on why Plutino Food & Drink will be extremely beneficial to food industry talent:

“Food is such a major part of culture and lifestyle and chefs now hold so much power and influence that they have become their own breed of celebrity. Plutino Group can offer talent in this industry the tools and guidance they need to showcase their individual personalities and propel their careers forward. We are overjoyed to take part in the launch of Plutino Food & Drink.”

Plutino Food & Drink is excited to build partnerships with these culinary artists and to see the individual creativity and personalities this new breed of talent will bring to the table.

About Plutino Food & Drink

Plutino Food & Drink is a branch of Plutino Group launching in 2016 and bringing representation to talented artists and personalities in the food and drink industry. The agency will connect chefs to brands and brands to chefs, build partnerships and elevate chef representation. Plutino Food & Drink will continue to grow their premium roster with experts in the food industry including Mixologists, and many more.

About Plutino Group

Plutino Group is the leading source for talent in the fashion and beauty industries. When Roseanna Plutino founded the agency in 1991, it was the first standalone artist agency in Canada. Now, with over 20 years of experience elevating raw talent, Plutino Group has grown from a small group of hair and makeup artists to a wide network of artists including stylists, producers, and spokespeople. In 2013, upon the closure of Ford Models in Toronto, Plutino Group launched Plutino Models. Now, with the addition of culinary talent, Plutino Group continues to grow and flourish.