How to Make People Notice Your Instagram Stories

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How to Make People Notice Your Instagram Stories

Ever go into Instagram stories and find yourself quickly swiping by rather than letting them play through to the next ones?

What if users are doing that to yours or your brand’s?

Fear not, after months of creating branded stories for our clients and analyzing insights down to the last digit, we’ve got some starter tips for making your own stories stand out!

1. Don’t Save the Best for Last

While some story makers make multiple story slides leading up to their big news (or promotional piece, or best image), insights show an increased likeliness of interest and engagement if you put your best story first! You want people to swipe up, not swipe left!

2. Colour Memory means Consumer Memory

Users have great brand logo and colour memory. If you want your stories to be easily recognizable, and memorable, take advantage; use your brand colours! Consistency is one of many keys to great online content on any network outlet, Instagram stories included.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Some Noise

Instagram stories come with the capability to present users with videos and animated content. Why not take advantage and optimize with some sound? Voice your message or play an enticing tune, just don’t crank it to 11.

4. Don’t Scare Them Away

Last tip, and the most obvious; know your brand and know your audience. It’s easy to let common things like stories get a little too casual and for some users, that’s a big no-no. Know what your audience needs to see, and what they really don’t.

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