Beyond a Buzzword: Why Influencer Marketing isn’t Going Away in 2020

Beyond a Buzzword: Why Influencer Marketing isn’t Going Away in 2020

With blogging making its imminent re-rise in the coming year as content creators opt for never-down (cough Instagram cough) self-owned properties for their work, the return won’t see the end, or even decline, of influencer-style marketing on social. Here’s why.

According to Morning Consult, based on a survey of 2000 interviewees:

– 72% of the Gen Z and Millennial respondents follow influencers.
– 95% recognized influencer names including PewDiePie, Jeffree Starr and Shane Dawson, when comparing them to the recollection of names of traditional celebrities like athlete LeBron James.
– 87% learned about products they were interested in purchasing from social media.
– 56% made a purchase after seeing a post from someone they knew.

When it came to participation, 86% would be willing to post sponsored content for money, with 61% of those admitting money wouldn’t be the first motivator as they already post about brands that they appreciate without the collaboration factor.

But don’t think these Gen Zs or Millennials throw the “i-word” around loosely. Despite their engagement levels and willingness to promote brands, with or without collaborative agreements, only 12% of them actually considered themselves influencers and 54% would be willing to become labelled as one eventually.

Getting back to their following of real influencers, why did they enjoy following these paid social powerhouses?

– Inspiration
– Aspiration
– Interesting Content
– (Most of all) Authenticity

88% regarded authenticity, and genuine care about interests and products, as the most important trait of an influencer.

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