Foodservice – Influencer Marketing

Let’s get the right operators endorsing your brand.


Let’s give them a legitimate reason to try your products, let’s give them suggestions for best results and let’s value them as experts so they go the extra mile for you.

Personality-Driven Programs

We’ll get chefs to use your products as part of exclusive tasting dinners, share their experiences and creations online and become advocates for your brand. You’ll have endorsements from the most well-known names in the business and be able to show others what top tastemakers are doing with your products.

Go behind the line with top North American chefs & culinary innovators.

Mixologist Programs

We’ll fill glasses with your brand in unique ways, encourage the country’s bar masters to do the same and maybe get a drink named after you. When patrons start to ask for these drinks at other bars, you’ll find yourself shipping more product to more places in a hurry.

Sea how we make it happen.

Product-Driven Programs

We’ll feed owners and operators good reasons to stock their shelves and pantries with your products, from limited-time offers to custom menu ideas to participation in events with other restaurants. Your products will be featured as main ingredients at special dinners hosted by top restaurants and build credibility as must-have staples in any kitchen.