Why Your Food or Beverage Brand Deserves Distribution in Toronto

Why Your Food or Beverage Brand Deserves Distribution in Toronto

Whether you’ve only been once, read about it in a magazine or lived and worked here all your life, there’s something big for everyone in Toronto.

Canada’s most populated city (2.93M), we’re home to the tallest national skyscraper, the most tourism hotspots, the widest shopping options and our country’s biggest fan bases crossing multiple major sports and entertainment teams and public figures; all while hosting and entertaining a record 43 million tourists annually (and rising).

But what can Toronto do for your food or beverage brand? Why should you sell here?

Let us break it down.

Hunger & Thirst in Canada’s Busiest Travel Hub

Whether they’re travelling domestically or internationally, passengers have to eat and with thousands coming through Toronto’s Pearson International Airport daily, what better way to introduce your product to people from all over in one central spot.

Plus, food and beverage (including alcohol) are available for sale within its secure spaces 24/7!

Individuality and Diversity are our Restaurant Industry’s Strengths
(Toronto’s restaurants, compared to the Canada-wide average)

69.3% of our restaurants are independent (compared to 63.4%)
9.6% of these restaurants are Asian (compared to 6.6%)
7.5% of these restaurants are fine dining (compared to 4.3%)
5.3% of these restaurants are European (compared to 3.2%)

Early Birds Can Still Get the Worm

Speaking of serving hours, Ontario has enacted a 9AM serving start time at bars and restaurants across the board, rather than 11AM. #EnjoyResponsibly

And the Occasions are Only Expanding from Here

Upcoming legislation will not only allow for alcohol in convenience stores and farmer’s markets but also presence at tailgating events ‘within a reasonable distance from major sports complexes,’ especially those home to Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Argos, and Toronto FC.

Food & Beverage in the Toronto Region by the Numbers
20% of Ontario’s 14.57M citizens
64,000+ food and beverage sector employees
7,500+ restaurants = 22% of the province’s total
93% of FSRs are independent (non-chain), as well as 23% of LSRs
4,300 licensed establishments (incl. hotels, grocers, stadium, theatres & golf)
92 licensed alcoholic retailers
$21 billion in annual food and beverage sales

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