Cocktail Trends on the West Coast

Cocktail Trends on the West Coast

From Vancouver to L.A., cocktail trends vary along the west coast of North America. We’ll be looking further into those trends, profiling mixologists as they shake up these trends into their tastiest cocktails.

Use of Homemade Syrups

A key to a wonderful cocktail is syrup. There are many different styles and flavours available for purchase at your local cocktail store, but making them yourself at home can take your bartending to the next level. Out west, the latest homemade trends incorporate herbs like lavender, rosemary, and mint into the syrups.

In Los Angeles, Hannah Chamberlain, Founder of SpiritedLA, creates her own using fresh herbs, hand-picked from her local market. To tie the sensory experience together, the herbs can also be used as a garnish.

White Spirits

Brown spirits have always been a popular choice for cocktails, be it a whiskey or dark rum. However, we are seeing a rise in demand for white spirits, such as craft-made gins and small-batch vodkas. To heighten the spirit’s unique elements, such as aroma, creators incorporate a mix of herbs, fruits, and wine-based aperitifs.

In San Francisco, Ashley Rose Conway, Founder of Crafts & Cocktails, enjoys using Spanish gins, crafted with botanicals of rosemary, thyme and basil in her cocktails. Adding a touch of citrus and fruit is her favourite way to put a twist on a Spanish Gin and Tonic.

Blood Orange Cocktails

Throughout the winter and late spring seasons, mixologists on the west coast are known to incorporate the use of blood oranges into their concoctions. This deep coloured citrus fruit provides a unique flavour unlike your typical Navel orange. Beyond providing a refreshing raspberry tasting zest, blood oranges add great crimson coloured intensity and can be dehydrated to create an eye-catching garnish.

On Canada’s West Coast of Vancouver, Talia Kleinplatz, president mixologist of Two for the Bar, showcases this seasonal trend with her Blood Orange Paloma.

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Vintage Glassware

It’s all in the presentation. This is why mixologists stay on top of their game when it comes to selecting glassware. Each glass has the potential to provide a cocktail its own image, story, and feeling; whether it be a classic coupe, crystal cut champagne flute, rock glass or highball. Glassware sets the imagery for taste and can transport a cocktail into another era.

Los Angeles-based Eden Passante, Founder of Sugar and Charm, uses a variety of gold-rimmed glassware to create different heights and a vintage feel for her Frozen Peach Bellinis.

This article was researched by Momna Sheikh, while she completed her Social Media Internship here at Branding and Buzzing. Momna is working towards her Bachelor of Technology at Ryerson University and has a passion for social media and graphic design.