Branding & Buzzing Gives Back

Branding & Buzzing Gives Back

2016 was an incredible year for us at Branding and Buzzing. From gaining North American clients, to executing several large programs and campaigns, to expanding our team, we have a lot to be thankful for. In the spirit of the season, we’re giving thanks by giving back and so we will be donating $100 to the charity of choice of each B&B team member.

Marian gives back to Community Food Centres Canada


I was first introduced to this organization several years ago while collaborating with them on a project. As a chef and former teacher, the importance of educating communities about where their food comes from and how they access it is invaluable. When they are given the skills and tools to garden and cook, it not only elevates their self-worth but empowers them. Building communities with food education.

Sean gives back to Jays Care Foundation


Let me start by saying that I love baseball. I have made great connections through baseball and it’s my all-time favourite spectator sport on TV, on the radio and especially live in person. I have been a fan since 1980 when I starting playing organized games and began watching the Blue Jays. When I was a child I made many meaningful friendships by going to the baseball games back then. Fast forwarding to my adult life, I am now able to enjoy taking my family to the diamond and take in the amazing sight of kids getting outside to cheer for their team – the smiles are infectious. Take Me Out to the Ballgame is a Jays Care Foundation program that offers Blue Jays tickets to charitable organizations working with vulnerable children and youth and I’m happy to support the imitative this holiday season.

Aimee gives back to Rethink Breast Cancer 


We live in a time when young women everywhere are working extra hard to achieve their #GirlBoss goals. In that process, their health takes a back seat and breast cancer is an afterthought or even taboo. Through bold messaging and education, Rethink is not only dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer to young women, but it’s a movement that provides resources and support for young women affected by the disease, which is more common than not. Rethink is close to my heart as I’ve volunteered with their Boobyball committee for 3 years, and is where I met incredible #GirlBosses who inspire me to take a moment for my own health.

Shanley gives back to Alzheimer Society Toronto


Memories we’ve worked a lifetime to create can start to fade in an instant and in another, can be gone forever. I’ve experienced this first-hand with my grandfather, Big Al who recently succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease. Our memories are precious and help to determine who we are as individuals. They should not be forgotten. This is why I support the Alzheimer Society of Toronto who has made it their mission to alleviate the personal and social consequences of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia and to promote research. It is through their tireless efforts that one day we can all hopefully say we remember!

Christine gives back to Second Harvest


Like water and air, food is a necessity of that we cannot afford to live without. Unfortunately food waste is on the rise while many in Toronto go hungry each night, without any access to food. Second Harvest bridges the the gap with their efforts of ‘No Waste. No Hunger.’

Rachael gives back to Crohn’s & Colitis Canada


This is an organization I care very deeply about, especially since my mom and sister both suffer from Ulcerative Colitis. What Crohn’s & Colitis Canada has done to spread awareness for these conditions is incredible, especially with funding programs for students and their annual Gutsy Walk. Since I have had my own struggles with digestive issues, leading me to a strict gluten-free diet, I am an advocate for promoting healthy living and optimal gut health.

Casey gives back to Unison Benevolent Fund


For many of the creative people we might know and love, spreading music is a full-time job. Writing, production, practice, travel, planning and equipment; all are time and money-heavy investments that can expand across their lifetime. This kind of work does not always come with the same benefit packages we might receive from the “normal” 9-5 which is where Unison Benevolent Fund can come in. UBF is a not-for-profit charity organization that provides counselling, partner resources and financial assistance to the music makers of our time to relieve emergencies, medical hardships and personal or economical difficulties.

Waleed gives back to Toronto Foundation for Student Success (TFSS) 


When it comes to social programs that directly and effectively impact Torontonians’ lives, the TFSS is definitely at the top of the list for me. Their active support of school nutrition programs means that disadvantaged kids from some of this city’s poorest neighbourhoods can count on getting a healthy breakfast and snack at school to power them through their day of learning and growing. Sadly, these breakfasts are sometimes the only proper meal they will receive over the course of the day which makes supporting TFSS even more crucial!

Eno gives back to Toronto Humane Society


Although I wasn’t adopted I do have a few friends that have, both Bodi and Buddy. They are now with families they love and without the support from Toronto Humane Society I would not have these adorable fuzzy canines in my life.