Jamming with Bonne Maman

Jamming with Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman’s aim has been to always make life a little sweeter.  With its line of jams including Dulce De Leche, Fig and Wild Blueberry, we wanted to create conversations and awareness surrounding these delicious products.

We created lively engagement with fans, influencers and chefs in person and amplified dialogue via their social media networks on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #BonneMamanCA.

Over several months, through our Media Networking Series, Bonne Maman invited media guests to join Celebrity Chef Christine Tizzard (CBC’s Best Recipes Ever) in either a baking class, a brunch or an intimate dinner.

Tray of Delicious Pastries from The Tempered Room

We kicked things off at Le Dolci with a Donut Making Class led by Pastry Chef Lindsey Greflund.  The gorgeous treats using Bonne Maman’s jams made quite an impact on social media. Nearly 500,000 impressions were made and nearly 54,293 accounts reached.

It got even sweeter as media folks devoured buttery croissants slathered with Bonne Maman jams during our Jammin’ Brunch at The Tempered Room catered by the talented Chef Bertrand Alépée.

With nearly 190,000 impressions on Twitter, we made many salivate for a taste.

 Chef Bertrand Alépée

Our Dinner in France ended the series on a romantic Parisian note.  At La Societe, Chef Romain Avril pulled out all the stops with a sumptuous feast of classic French fare.  It was also a way to showcase unconventional and more unique ways to use the jam in savory cooking… case in point, the delectable pan-seared duck breast featuring Bonne Maman blackcurrant and wild blueberry jams.  And of course, it left a lingering impression on social media.  Over 70,000 accounts were made aware of the event, with nearly 325,000 impressions made.

And building on this idea of inventiveness and cooking with Bonne Maman, we also launched the Brand-In-Hand Program.  We asked food lovers and experts out there to go beyond the jar and create a recipe using one of the featured jams.  What resulted was an explosion of creative and delicious recipes, including a Sweet & Heat Balsamic Fig Pork Tenderloin dish by Abbey Sharp for The McEwan Group, and a variety of elegant Financiers from food blogger Asima of Haute Sucre.

Haute Sucre_ Bonne Maman Financiers

Last but not least, we had Celebrity Chef Christine Tizzard appear on the Global Morning and Marilyn Dennis Show offering great meal ideas centered around healthy, delicious eats that used Bonne Maman jams. On Rogers Toronto, Chef Tizzard was joined by daughter Sophia for easy, DIY edible gifts for Mother’s Day.

Photo 4-28-2015, 1 12 14 PM

In spearheading the diverse, interactive programs and activities for Bonne Maman, we spread the love for the artisan French brand all across Canada.  Nearly a quarter of a million people were made aware of the buzz and excitement.  This fall, we’ll have even more festive gatherings around the sumptuous spreads to look forward to!