Azkadenya Canada Pre-Launch a Restaurant Marketing Strategy Success

Azkadenya Canada Pre-Launch a Restaurant Marketing Strategy Success

With exclusive features in T.O’s biggest publications, Azkadenya is the new king on Queen.

Meet Azkadenya

Azkadenya Toronto

As a digital marketing agency specialized in food and beverage marketing – especially being HQ’d in such a busy, diverse city – we’re often tasked with the exciting challenge of getting the word out about the newest -big- opening. Combining our core services like social media management, digital marketing, content creation and media relations, we couldn’t wait for everyone to know about Azkadenya.

This new Middle Eastern fusion hotspot first hit Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood this past summer and having tried it ourselves behind closed doors, we knew how good it was (and would be). But, we didn’t want Torontonians to just take our words for it; we needed to get Azkadenya the big buzz its first ever North American opening truly deserved.

So, during a quiet soft launch with afternoon-hours (now full-day), we invited some of the city’s top outlets to check out Azkadenya’s hip space and hot foods first hand.

“What’s key for us is to really show the playful side of the Middle East. You’ll see it in our food, in our colours, in our art. Joy is one of the stories about the Middle East we want to tell,” Azkadenya Director of Marketing Yasmine Al Zaben told TRNTO.

What They Said

Azkadenya Toronto“The colourful space seating 70 explodes with retro-themed pop art emblematic of the Middle East, featuring vintage ads for perfume, drinks, convertibles and cologne, as well as portraits of old Syrian and Egyptian actors and singers.”

“Served with stretchy house pita, I’m especially partial to the silky hummus and spicy, nutty muhummara. Chicken “tableside” shawarma ($12.99) is unlike any other shawarma I’ve seen, technically more DIY than tableside as you remove the meat from a skewer yourself.”

Amy Carlberg, blogTO

Azkadenya Toronto“Your midday meal is about to get an upgrade.”

“Because a brand-new mezza spot is opening its doors on Queen West, and it’s serving up mouthwatering meals that are sure to add some brightness to your day.”

“The beautiful, bright pink pomegranate hummus is a must-try. Hot, sizzling platters of beef and mushroom tempt your tastebuds. And the table-sized shawarma spit, available in chicken or beef, is perfect for slicing off of to share with company.”

Kayla Gladysz, Daily Hive TO

Azkadenya Toronto“The flavours are rich and exciting, and the dine-in option of having tableside shawarma served on an individualized roasting spit makes for fresh, perfectly juicy cuts of meat for each wrap. The falafel is served in a quick-grab cone for convenience.”

“One of the best ways to try a little of everything is to order the mixed mezza platter ($14.99) — a colourful array of walnut muhammara (complete with feta cheese and pomegranate molasses), mama ganoush (a play on the classic baba ganoush), beetroot tahini, classic tabbouleh and traditional hummus.”


“For those on the run, there’s a fridge stocked with fresh salads and dips, along with water, kombucha, sodas, non-alcoholic malt beverages and Vimto, a sweet berry-based soft drink with herbs, spices and malt that’s popular in the Middle East.”

“All of the meat on the menu is halal, but there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, too.”

Renee Suen, Toronto Life

Watch for Yourself

Azkadenya is located at 235 Queen Street West
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