Foodservice – Digital Marketing

Let’s serve you up at just the right time.


Let’s put you in front of companies or restaurants that would use your products, at exactly the time they’re shopping. Let’s reinforce the message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email — and let’s do it on phones, tablets, laptops and AR/VR goggles.

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We’ll produce and publish features, trade advertorials, white papers and other pieces to make your business case and establish you as a thought leader. You’ll have more journalists coming to you for quotes and opinions, be more visible to potential clients and partners, and get more of your products in fridges, freezers or pantries.

Get a sneak peek at the most favourited Chef’s Club newsletter, as received by 4000+ Canadian chefs & foodservice operators!

Social Media Advertising

We’ll create attention-grabbing ads for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Then we’ll book the space, manage the campaign, track the results and report regularly. You’ll be in front of the right chefs and general managers at the right times with offers they’ll want to explore. And they will.


We’ll get and keep your subscribers, brokers, distributors, partners and customers aware of your accomplishments & achievements, product launches, new hires and more. Customers and prospects will look forward to seeing you in their inboxes and getting to know you more intimately and becoming a more active part of your circle.