Why You Shouldn’t Run Your Own Social Media Ads (Let an Agency!)

Why You Shouldn’t Run Your Own Social Media Ads (Let an Agency!)

You’ve got your product, you’ve got a Facebook account and you’ve got money to spend on ads. While it may look easy to run ads, just a few fill-in text boxes and some dropdowns, there’s a lot more that goes into them in the back-end, especially while they’re actively running. You don’t want to just click to run and wait for them to be over to see how you did, but it takes a lot of time and experience to know how to properly monitor and adjust such things; one of many reasons why it may not be what’s best to do it yourself.

Here are other reasons you might consider letting an agency do the bidding (literally).

Ad Testing

When it comes to ads, one should never just create, publish and hope it works. Every aspect should be tested and adjusted, from imagery to messaging to ad types.

Testing doesn’t mean guessing, all of the above is still properly strategized, it’s just the matter of which sees the most success based on goals. Speaking of goals…

You Need Goals

With ads, we know you want to reach more people or sell more products, but goals need to be more specific than that, while not limiting prospects too much.

How do you want audiences to act on your ads? (Page likes, engagement, website clicks). Know this, and your goal numbers too, these are the determinants of success, not just the money spent.

What Works for One isn’t Optimized for the Other

With different platforms presented in Ads Manager, you need to make sure your copy and images are optimized for where they’re going. Ad spend can go up while engagement can go way down over simply having the wrong image size or too much copy.

Right Assets, Wrong Ads

You could have the best copy or the nicest imagery out there but if you choose the wrong ad types, your results could be seriously impacted. Advertisement capabilities and technicalities in one’s Ads Manager change more frequently than people change out their bedsheets, and an agency would know the workings of each from current campaigns already.

Monitoring (Don’t Get Stuck Babysitting)

Simply put, do you have time to check in on how ads are doing? Do you know where cost per click and spend should be at a given point to not blow the budget too early, or for too little results?

While you don’t technically have to be a pro to run ads, there are people who specialize specifically in this field which would save you time and money before the ad is complete. It can literally be a full-time job. Spend your time taking care of other areas of your business and let the experts handle the advertising and their ever-changing needs and updates.

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