What is Instant Experience and Why You Should Be Using It

What is Instant Experience and Why You Should Be Using It

There are lots of advertising options out there, even on a single platform; but are they an experience for those looking at it? Enter Facebook’s Instant Experience, a dynamic creative advertisement add-on seen at the tap of a mouse or mobile finger.

When your target audience taps your digital ad, they are provided with an instant experience of your brand, product, service or story through a full-screen dive into selected single images, videos, media collections or visual carousels. This can be created custom to your business or using available templates for ease of use.

Common styles of Instant Experiences include visual storefronts (multiple products), customer acquisition (mobile landing page style), storytelling and lookbook (products in action).

Hanging onto your audience a little longer than typical ads, this is your business’ opportunity to showcase your wares, solves their problems, highlight your benefits and other creative story or brand-telling. You can even tie multiple Instant Experiences together for further immersion of users into your brand’s world, keeping your products or services front-of-screen and front-of-mind.

Continuance of any split (aka A/B) testing is recommended to see which experiences best resonate with your target demographics.

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