TWITTER POLL: What Makes The Perfect Pizza?

TWITTER POLL: What Makes The Perfect Pizza?

Back in January, Queen Margherita Pizza opened a series of Twitter polls asking their loyal Torontonian fans to vote on what makes the perfect Neapolitan-style pizza along with their go-to dessert of choice. A total of 96 pizza lovers chimed in on the topic!

Toronto’s favourite pizza? Results showed that people preferred their pizzas covered in a red sauce, rosso (83%), sprinkled with mozzarella cheese (38%) and topped with prosciutto (45%) over sausage or pepperoni as a protein. When it came to the way they ate their pizza, 50 percent of voters preferred their pie folded in half. Who needs a fork and knife anyway? To finish off their meal, 80 percent of people went with a slice of cheesecake. See the final results below.







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