#ToTheCity with Toronto Eaton Centre

#ToTheCity with Toronto Eaton Centre

One of Toronto’s biggest destinations, Toronto Eaton Centre, is buzzing all over Hogtown.


From dropping the “The”, to revamping their creative; to entering the social media world (even their tagline has been replaced by a hashtag), they have everyone wanting to go #ToTheCity. Additionally, they’ve announced the opening of Nordstrom Canada in 2016. Can you say #trending? No seriously, Toronto Eaton Centre was the #2 Twitter trend in Toronto on January 15th.

Once upon a time, when Sean Beckingham was a young boy, he would travel #ToTheCity with his family to admire the Christmas window displays at Eaton’s and Simpsons. As a young adult, he then had the privilege of working as a special event coordinator at the head office of Eaton’s Department store at Toronto Eaton Centre.

And it seems like only yesterday when a teenage Marian Staresinic took her first unsupervised #ToTheCity trip (via Greyhound) with her girlfriends. Destination? Toronto. Why? Specifically to shop at Toronto Eaton Centre.

We all have fond memories of Toronto Eaton Centre, which is why we’re thrilled to see a great Toronto landmark, so near and dear to our hearts, become a social destination in the city.

We’re proud and excited to welcome TEC to the Branding & Buzzing roster.