Thai Kitchen Canada’s #TKeveryday Recipe Challenge

Thai Kitchen Canada’s #TKeveryday Recipe Challenge

Moms are constantly forced to balance what I want my kids to be eating and what they’ll actually eat. This was the impetus for Thai Kitchen Canada’s 2015 Recipe Challenge, and with help from five mommy bloggers, the hope is to introduce Canadian moms to delicious, easy-to-make recipes that their kids will eat up.

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Kids don’t just want diversity — they expect it.

“Because of their exposure to multicultural foods at school and in the neighbourhood, children actually have a broader flavour palette,” says Eins Mutuc, Marketing Product Manager, McCormick Canada (Thai Kitchen). “Kids are coming home and telling their mothers about how great their friends’ food is. This has created more interest in ethnic flavours than we saw even a year ago. We want to show moms how easy it is to replicate these tastes with a few key ingredients.”

“Our products are extremely versatile,” says Ms. Mutuc, “and not just for making Asian food. For example, fish sauce can be an alternative to anchovies or anchovy paste, so it would be perfect as part of a Caesar salad dressing. From Tangy Pork Bites to Coconut Bubble Tea, to Thai Cocktail Meatballs, our mommy bloggers are already taking home-cooking to the next level with our Thai Kitchen products. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with two essential pantry staples, coconut milk and fish sauce!”


This year’s Thai Kitchen Recipe Challenge invites five influential bloggers — Angela van Tijn, Elizabeth Lampman, Kristen Paskus, Tenille Lafontaine and Brandi Yee — to use Thai Kitchen Fish Sauce and Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk in the creation of five unique dishes. The challenge is to create quick and easy family friendly recipes moms can break out any time.

The five moms whipped up their dishes from January 26 to January 30. Their followers then voted for one recipe to move to the national competition launched on February 18.  Here Canadians will have the chance to decide which will be Thai Kitchen Canada’s Best Recipe, and who will be crowned the next Thai Kitchen Canada Brand Ambassador.

The final 5 dishes that moved onto the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND are:

Our prize partners during the preliminary voting were Dreamfarm and Moulinex. Prizes for national voting include a Traeger Lil’ Tex Elite Smoker and Wood Pellets valued at $1,000, Gordon Ramsay Maze Cookware sets valued at $1,500 and a Marvel Beverage Refrigerator valued at $2,000. And the more people vote, the greater their chances of winning.

“Ultimately, we want to show Canadian moms that they don’t have to be ‘foodies’ to move beyond the recipe rut they may find themselves in,” says Ms. Mutuc. “With our products in their pantries and a jolt of inspiration from the Thai Kitchen Recipe Challenge, they can prepare family favourite meals with a twist their kids will love and be proud to share with their friends.”

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