Branding & Buzzing Gives Back with New Scholarship Program

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Branding & Buzzing Gives Back with New Scholarship Program

Years before the birth of Branding & Buzzing, our Marian Staresinic had two major passions she led her life and career by; education and food. Following her time as a secondary school teacher, chef and culinary educator, she brought her value of education to the agency where she’s not only mentored many within the industry but also offered con-ed opportunities to our own staff, allowing for growth in not only their work but also their skills and pursued post-secondary backgrounds of choice.

Once we at Branding & Buzzing began our collaboration at Thistletown Collegiate, in partnership with our client Club House for Chefs, Marian was instantly brought back to her teaching days, and the reminders of the difficulties today’s students can face trying to get ahead in school and after grad.

In the spirit of the agency, and a continuance of our charity efforts, we have created the 5-year Branding & Buzzing Leadership Bursary Award.

Congratulations to 2019’s recipient, Divya Luthra!

Branding & Buzzing Bursary