Restaurant Casting Call

Restaurant Casting Call

Are you the kind of restaurateur who loves to play with new, exciting flavours? Don’t mind tossing some different tastes around on the grill?


We are currently seeking restaurants across Canada to develop a delicious new menu item offered to their customers for a limited time (LTO) using a product provided by an established North American brand.

Selected restaurants will be asked to submit a quote from one of their chefs and the LTO recipe for online publishing purposes. Photography, Facebook Ads and staff incentives will be funded by the brand.

No on-menu promotion or mention of the brand is required. 

This is a PAID opportunity.

Interested candidates are asked to please contact Aimee Cook at aimee [at] brandingandbuzzing [dot] com

No recipes are required at the time of application.
Only those who are selected will be contacted.

Thank you!