Podcasting for Whiskey: Sip, Listen, and Learn!

Podcasting for Whiskey: Sip, Listen, and Learn!


In the world of content creation, there’s a vast ocean of possibilities when it comes to reaching your target audience. From blog posts and videos to social media updates and more, there’s no shortage of platforms to share your message. However, one medium that’s been steadily gaining momentum and capturing the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide is podcasting. At our food and marketing agency, we understand the power of podcasts, and today, we’re exploring a unique niche that combines our passion for whiskey and our love for marketing.

The Whiskey and Podcasting Connection

As avid fans of both whiskey and marketing, we’ve scoured the podcasting world to bring you a curated list of some of the best whiskey-themed podcasts that will both educate and entertain. So, sit back, pour yourself a dram, and let’s dive into the world of whiskey podcasting. Let’s face it our agency is responsible for marketing both the Distilled Spirits Council of the USA in Canada as well as the Premium Whiskey Shoppe – we need to know our whiskeys

In no order

1. The PodCask | A Podcast About Whiskey
– Will and the Greeze take you on a journey to explore the world of bourbon, whiskey, and occasionally scotch. This podcast is a delightful blend of informative discussions and light-hearted banter, making it perfect for both novices and connoisseurs.

2. Whiskey Wednesday Podcast
– Originating in St. Louis, Missouri, Whiskey Wednesday brings together friends who share a passion for whiskey, beer, sports, and more. With weekly episodes averaging around 2.5 hours, this podcast is ideal for those seeking an in-depth exploration of whiskey and its cultural connections.

3. Whiskey Sessions
– Hosted by A. Metz and B. Pimp, Whiskey Sessions is a bi-weekly podcast that delves into the world of whiskey and life’s intricacies. With episodes averaging around 39 minutes, it’s perfect for those looking for a shorter but no less engaging whiskey experience.

4. Whisky Waffle
– Hailing from Tasmania, Whisky Waffle is a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the world of whisky by two Tasmanian lads. With a monthly release schedule and episodes averaging 56 minutes, this podcast offers a unique and light-hearted take on the whiskey world.

5. The Bourbon Lens
– Based in Kentucky, USA, The Bourbon Lens is a discussion among friends about all things bourbon. With episodes released weekly and an average duration of 47 minutes, this podcast offers a spirited perspective on life through the “bourbon lens.”

6. Beards, Bourbon, Whiskey Podcast
– Two bearded fellows take you on a journey through various bourbons and whiskeys while discussing life’s various facets. With sporadic releases and a focus on bourbon affordability, this podcast is both entertaining and budget-conscious.

Whether you’re a whiskey aficionado or just starting your journey into the world of spirits, these podcasts offer a delightful blend of education, entertainment, and camaraderie. So, pour yourself a glass, hit play, and embark on a sensory adventure through the captivating world of whiskey.

Remember, great content comes from diverse sources, and in the realm of podcasting, there’s no shortage of passionate voices eager to share their knowledge and experiences. Cheers to the world of whiskey podcasting, where every sip is an opportunity to learn and savor the rich history and flavors of this beloved spirit.