The Out of Office Diaries: How We Celebrate National Burger Day

The Out of Office Diaries: How We Celebrate National Burger Day

Whether you like them stacked, simple, beefy or Beyond Meat, sometimes the best way to end a summer day is with a delicious burger.

Here are the delicious burgs our team loves to venture for when it’s time to taste the sizzle.

PC: RUDY via Ryan Hinkson.


Favourite Burger Joint: Rudy’s

How Many Locations: 2 in Toronto at College, Duncan. 

What Sean Orders & Why: The classic Rudy is my favourite.  The crunch of the patty is amazing and the old school bun is just right.

Price: $6.50

Eat-In or Take-Out: Pre-order to eat on the go.

Instagram: RUDYResto

PC: The Burger’s Priest


Favourite Burger Joint: The Burger’s Priest

How Many Locations: 15+ in Ontario

What Marian Orders & Why: Holy Smokes. It’s a secret menu item plus they have Unbun Keto Buns which are so tasty.

Price: $12

Eat-In or Take-Out: Eat-in only.

Instagram: @TheBurgersPriest


PC: A&W Restaurants


Favourite Burger Joint: A&W

How Many Locations: A lot!

What Aimee Orders & Why: The Chubby Chicken Burger, because I no longer eat red meat and I think it’s one of the best chicken burgs out there!

Price: $6.69

Eat-In or Take-Out: I’ll either dine-in or take-out.

Instagram: @AWrestaurants

PC: In-N-Out Burger


Favourite Burger Joint: In & Out

How Many Locations: Many

What Shanley Orders & Why: The Classic Cheeseburger, it’s so good!

Price: N/A

Eat-In or Take-Out: Eat-in

Instagram: @InnOut


PC: Holy Chuck via Chargoals


Favourite Burger Joint: Tie between Wendy’s and Holy Chuck

How Many Locations: Lots, and a few in Toronto.

What Casey Orders & Why: Can’t go wrong with a Classic Single with Ketchup, Mustard and Cheese from Wendy’s. Holy Chuck, and the well-done Cheeseburger, is special though because it became a new tradition for anytime Graeme visited from Scotland.

Price: $8.49

Eat-In or Take-Out: Eat-In

Instagram: @HolyChuckBurgers


Favourite Burger Joint: Mamo Burger Bar

How Many Locations: 1 in Windsor

What Jessica Orders & Why: Peanut Butter Jelly Time with extra crispy bacon, no pickles or jalapenos. The sweet and spicy siracha strawberry jelly mixed with the saltiness of bacon and peanut butter is an epic combination that’s worth the 4 hour drive.

Price: $15.95

Eat-In or Take-Out: Eat-in because it’s the best fresh and straight off the grill.

Instagram: N/A