Meet the Distillers Event in Montreal and Future Plans for Toronto and Vancouver

Meet the Distillers Event in Montreal and Future Plans for Toronto and Vancouver

Cross Canada Whiskey Tour

Meet the Distillers Montreal

Our recent Cross Canada Whiskey Tour for Cheers American Sprirts stopped down in Montreal for a “Meet the Distillers” event and was a resounding success, showcasing a curated selection of American whiskeys to a captivated audience. Hosted at the Chocolate Academy, the event provided a unique platform for distillers to connect with agents, media, and the SAQ, while offering attendees a memorable experience of whiskey tasting paired with delectable chocolates.


The event kicked off with guests arriving at the Chocolate Academy at 1 pm, where they were warmly welcomed with a choice of welcome cocktails and delicious food offerings. As attendees mingled and connected with one another, the anticipation for the afternoon’s program grew.


The welcome cocktail featured a creative twist on the classic Paper Plane cocktail, transformed into a refreshing Paper Plane Spritz. This cocktail combined the rich flavors of bourbon with the vibrant notes of Aperol, resulting in a delightful low-ABV. Served over ice in elegant wine glasses, each glass contained a perfectly balanced blend of one part bourbon to one part Aperol, offering guests a sophisticated and enjoyable way to kick off the event.

At 2 pm, the Consul General of Quebec delivered a captivating speech, setting the stage for an afternoon of exploration and indulgence. Following the speech, guests had the opportunity to continue mingling and networking, fostering valuable connections within the whiskey community.


Highlights and Feedback: One of the standout outcomes of the event was the keen interest among attendees from Quebec in American whiskeys, particularly bourbon. Several bars expressed interest in featuring specialty programming centered around American whiskeys, highlighting the event’s impact on local establishments.



Moreover, the SAQ recognized the growing demand for American whiskey in the Quebec market, signaling promising opportunities for future collaborations and product offerings.

Looking Ahead: With the success of the Montreal event, we’re thrilled to announce our plans to bring “Meet the Distillers” to Toronto and Vancouver. Building on the momentum generated in Montreal, these upcoming events will offer even greater opportunities for distillers to connect with enthusiasts and industry professionals across Canada.

Chocolates and Whiskey

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As we prepare for the next chapters in Toronto and Vancouver, we’re excited to further elevate the experience for attendees while continuing to celebrate the rich diversity of American whiskeys.

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